A Sunny Day In L.A.

So our “big” spring break outing was a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood for the day.  We drove down to L.A. early yesterday and combined it with a late night visit to see Wilson!  Sadly, Rolf had to stay behind to go to work (and Rudy would have preferred to stay behind, I think) but Max and Olivia were looking forward to it and were perfect partners in fun for the day.

The first thing Rudy said when we got to the front gate was “We go to Wilson’s house?”. When I responded “no, not yet”, the second thing he said was “We go home now pretty please?”. Ha Ha Poor guy…he had a long day ahead of him!
Soooooo, he wasn’t a big fan of the giant velociraptors roaming the park…
…or the Transformers (this was our second attempt at a meet ‘n greet with Optimus Prime after I accidentally traumatized Rudy with an encounter with Megatron!)…
…we couldn’t even win him over with a big train in Harry Potter World!!
But he did begin to warm up during the studio tour…
…and made friends with the minions!
Especially this one! 😉
My minions.
We squeezed in a couple of rides…
… even a nap!…
,,,before ending on a good note with Max & Olivia making friends with Megatron…showing Rudy he’s not such a bad guy after all!
Uh, yeah, he’s not quite convinced!


We closed the park down and headed over to APU to drop off Olivia who is staying on campus the rest of the week for an extreme college experience with Wilson and his posse!  She was pretty excited about living in Wilson’s world for a couple of days and, by the looks of it, is fitting in already…

Olivia and her new housemates!
Hanging out in Wilson’s MOD doin’ what cool college kids do…playing XBox!
When Rudy found out Olivia was staying, he asked if he could stay too! Awww, I didn’t see that coming. Someday, big boy!

Max, Rudy and I rolled into our driveway at 1:15 am so, needless to say, today will be a quiet day at home.  In fact, the next couple of days will be particularly quiet as both Max and Rolf head out of town early tomorrow morning for the weekend.  The “BIG FUN” of spring break may be over but we still have 4 days of fun at home before Rudy heads back to school on Monday (the big sibs don’t go back until Tuesday! Woo Hoo!).  Spring break ROCKS!  😉

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