We. Like. Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

It has been awhile since we updated on Rudy’s progress in oral feeds….in part because there hasn’t been much progress.  Rudy’s interest in food ebbs and flows so when he’s interested, we jump on it and when he isn’t, we let it go.  The tomato basil soup at Kyle’s Kitchen is still a big favorite and his go-to request at home is ranch dressing.  The “eating” that he does is limited to smooth textures that he can lick off a spoon or carrot stick.

Well, Rudy’s interest in food is flowing this week and while he was licking his ranch dressing at dinner last night, he requested banana.  Banana?  Rolf popped up right away and grabbed a banana and spoon from the kitchen and I got a spoonful of banana up to Rudy’s mouth before he could change his mind.  A couple of bites in and Olivia got some video footage!!!!…

This is significant because this is the first chunky texture he’s been able to swallow!!!!  Yay!  Baby steps may be small but they’re steps in the right direction…Go, Rudy, Go!


7 thoughts on “We. Like. Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

  1. I love bananas, I know that mangos are sweet, I love papayas, but nothin’ can beat….that sweet sweet sweet sweet boy! Go Rudy!

  2. This is so exciting! One step at a time Rudy! No doubt the cheer squad is a factor, as with all Rudy’s accomplishments. Eating is surely a Family Affair 🙂

  3. I remember being SO EXCITED when I saw Rudy eating B-A-N-A-N-A-S. As an OT, and often focused on feeding with young children, Rudy’s progress made my day. Now he is gone, but this is one of the MANY amazing moments that exemplified his spirit, sense of adventure, and love of/trust in his family – all of you. Thank you Geylings for keeping Rudy with us for so many delightful years, in spite of the constant struggle for life. He will be in my heart always. Love, Kris

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