Random Stuff…and Rio.

To say life has been a bit of a whirlwind the past couple of weeks would be an understatement…

…Rolf jetted off to Rio (Yep, I said Rio!!) 10 days ago to watch our goddaughter compete in the Olympics, Wilson headed down to Azusa for a couple of days to practice with his fellow campus worship team members for this next school year, Olivia trotted up to Mammoth with the DPHS XCountry team for a week of altitude training and Max has been working double shifts at Kyle’s.  Rudy and I?  Well, we’ve been holding down the fort at home and enjoying a few last minute visits with friends from LA and Orange County.  The fun doesn’t stop there though?  Rolf’s mom flew in yesterday for a couple of weeks, I’m headed to KS next week to visit my mom and the big kids start school the day after I get back!!!!  The end of summer is closing in fast!!  Boo Hoo…this mama is never ready for summer to end!!!

Our family will all be back under one roof tomorrow and the rest of us are eager to hear all about Rolf’s Rio Adventure…I’ll refrain from sharing too much about it now and let Rolf tell his own story but I will say that the highlight of the Olympic coverage for me the past 10 days was watching (our goddaughter) Maya’s response to each success she had…she swam four events, she won four medals (bronze, silver and 2 gold) and each time she was interviewed, she communicated gratitude for the experience and joy over Team USA’s overall success.  She thoroughly enjoyed the personal experiences she was having but always presented herself as a team player.  She was simply delightful to watch and I’m so proud of every expression, every gesture, every move I saw her make in this once in a lifetime opportunity…that’s a pretty remarkable thing to be able to say.  Congratulations Maya!  And THANK YOU…for representing well and glorifying God in the process!

Rudy cheering loud for Maya at home!!!
The Geyling family representative in Rio with 4-time Olympic medal winner Maya DiRado!

Soooo, now, it’s time to regroup, refocus and wrap our brains around the start of school…in less than two weeks.   Rudy has some big adjustments ahead.  He will be moving up to the next special ed day class at his school with a new teacher and older classmates, he will go from mainstreaming in a Kindergarten class to mainstreaming in a 2nd grade class and, most notably, he will have a new caregiver.  😦  Dear Nurse Sara accepted a position at our local hospital over the summer and won’t be returning to Mountainview.  We are so very thrilled for her but she will definitely be missed.

Some summer fun with Nurse Sara!
High 5 for being a GREAT NURSE!!! 🙂

With all that is going on at the end of our summer break, I won’t have the time to prepare our family for the start of school as I typically do so I’m praying now for prepared minds and hearts and all around good adjustments for all the kids.  Olivia and Max start classes at the high school (9th and 12th grade) on August 22nd, Rudy starts 2nd grade on August 24th and Wilson heads back to APU on the 25th.  (Big sigh!)  Oh well, summer was fun while it lasted!

Medical update:  We haven’t had any follow up with Rudy’s docs since last month’s cath so another BIG ITEM on my TO DO list when I get back from Kansas is to connect with Dr. Harake and hear his thoughts on the cath report.  As I mentioned before, I suspect we won’t be moving forward with surgery quickly but it’s important to keep the group discussions going…there is still much to process.  We sure appreciate your continued prayers!!!

Thank you and bless you friends!

Just because…this picture makes me smile!!

5 thoughts on “Random Stuff…and Rio.

  1. Amen to all the AWESOMENESS! big hugs and kisses to all the Geyling family, especially my precious Rudy! Love you all and so happy for each of you! U.S.A.!

  2. Love the update and always praying for you and out sweet Rudy and the whole Geyling family. (((((Hugs)))))

  3. Whew! The adventures continue!!! I am so happy for the joy of the Olympics with Maya’s amazing successes. Prayers to you mama as you take care of your mama, and be the mama! So exciting that Rudy will be in a 2nd grade class!!! Can’t wait to see him!

  4. Trish, you’ve got such a busy household!!!
    I finally saw Maya last night win one of her golds…SO EXCITING!!! Even more so know Rolf is there too!!!
    God bless you all.

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