The Rudy Filter

Our family loves the Olympics…whether it’s winter or summer, we look forward to watching them together on TV and making fun family memories simply in our spectatorship.  Our anticipation of the upcoming summer Olympics in Rio catapulted to stellar heights this past week as we watched our goddaughter qualify for Rio in THREE individual swimming events during the trials in Omaha!!  What a thrill it is to watch our dear friends experience a ride of a lifetime and how very proud we are of their trademark humility in the midst of a pretty intense Olympic culture!  Maya DiRado is a class act and will be a fun one to cheer for in the women’s 400m IM, 200m IM and 200m Backstroke!!

All smiles at Maya’s wedding last year.
photo credit: Maya’s aunt Kate 😉
So fun to watch our friends have an experience like this. 😉
We sent Rudy’s bib # from the Special Olympics to Maya before she left for the trials and I loved Max’s prophetic sentiment the best…clearly he had no doubt she’d make it to Rio. 🙂 Good luck against the world Maya…no pressure!


One of the best gifts Rudy has brought to my life (and has been so evident this week) is what I call “the Rudy Filter”.  It’s impossible to do life without my experience with Rudy intensifying it…the celebrations are bigger and the heartaches find their way to a greater purpose.  The experiences can vary drastically like watching Maya accomplish an incredible milestone on the world’s stage or hearing from Wilson while out in the middle of nowhere on a grueling training mission or watching Rudy’s determination when struggling to pick himself up after a fall, but the depth of what my heart feels from day to day is the same and I don’t take any of it for granted.  God continues to use the Rudy filter in my life to turn bitterness into gratitude and uncertainty into peace…and to make the joys even more rich!  ‘Such a valuable gift.  Thank you Rudy!

Speaking of rich joys, we had fun with our friends at the Rescue Mission yesterday.  The SBRM 4th of July BBQ is Rolf’s and my favorite SBRM celebration and the staff & residents did a fantastic job of creating a comfortable and festive event for the homeless in our community.  We missed Wilson dearly but we did get a chance to talk with him briefly during a break he had from his official cadet duties.  He has hit the halfway mark in this month-long army training camp and has just one more “in field” training for the next several days.  He sounded upbeat and is having a positive experience overall.  🙂

Happy 240th Birthday America!!!  (photo credit – Dale Weber)

4th of July at SBRM!!
Maxo gettin’ creamed!
I LOVE this picture!…
…and this one…
…and this one!  🙂  Thanks Dale.

Later in the day, we stopped in to see Max hard at work.  We exceeded the entertainment budget this month with a few extra stops at Kyle’s Kitchen…just checking out the new hired hand in action:

Rudy ordering his favorite Tomato Basil Soup from his favorite KK employee! 🙂
We LOVE Kyle’s Kitchen!!!

Breaking news!!  UCLA called last week to schedule Rudy’s cath and the first available date wasn’t until September 6th…I admit I was a little bummed because I had hoped to schedule it before school started up again…BUT there has been a cancellation and if we can get insurance to authorize it, Rudy’s cath will be THIS FRIDAY!!  Even though moving it up throws us into a bit of a frenzy, it eliminates a ton of stress waiting for a later date and I’m grateful.  Yay!!!  🙂  We’ll keep you posted…

‘Lots to process but at the same time lots for which to be grateful!!




6 thoughts on “The Rudy Filter

  1. Wow! Friday is the day. Lord, bless the G’s with insurance clearance and peace as they proceed. Yay! Love this report! We will be watching for Maya in Rio! “The Rudy Filter”… to talk more about that, but I think I can understand- how this difficult condition brings a richness of perspective, right? Love you guys! (Love that pic of Rolf and Rudy too!)

    1. You got it Gracie! I’ve been reading this great little devo by Laura Story and in the introduction she writes “There is a depth of intimacy with God that can only be known through suffering.” I totally agree and feel there is a depth to life in general and a richness of perspective (as you put it) that can only be experienced through heartbreak and/or challenge. Maybe that depth and perspective come with age too ;). I could be experiencing a bit of mid-life crisis as well but, either way, I welcome the lessons being learned. Love you!

  2. Geyling family and VanNortwick family….you all teach me so much through watching you walk with and trust God with your trials…THANK YOU!!!

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