Merry Christmas 2015

The California Geylings 2015

We are enjoying celebrating Christmas with each other and Oma visiting from Alabama.  The past couple of weeks have been a string of fun-fueled, high octane days and now the hustle and bustle has subsided…we are blessed.  We trust your holiday and Christmas celebrations were fun too and filled with things that bring you great joy.  The past several days have been filled with things that remind me how very far we have come in our journey together and how much we have for which to be thankful…

I went to the district office for one last jewelry show and Rudy talked Coach Galvan into a game of Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots!!! Rich!!!
Olivia was honored by the Club West Running Club at a luncheon on the 17th as the Jr. High Female Athlete of the year! My favorite quote of the day was when her coach shared that after her undefeated season he asked her “What is your running history Olivia?” to which she answered “I don’t have a running history. This was my first time running.” 🙂
The athletic accomplishments kept coming when Rolf reached his goal of paddling 1000 miles in 2015!
He had a welcoming committee on shore to help celebrate! 🙂
Rudy and his former teacher Mr. Casady (wearing his festive “Rudy the red-nosed reindeer” sweater) on the last day of school before vacation! Woo Hoo!!
First day of Christmas break was spent in Santa Maria watching Max play hockey…
…one of Rudy’s favorite pastimes!
Christmas fun with friends at home…
…and at the movie theater watching Star Wars!!! (2nd time for me and Max…the last time I went to the movie theater more than once to see the same movie was probably the original Star Wars films! Ha Ha)
Rudy sharing his trademark joy at the Rescue Mission Christmas feast…

…and helping his brothers sing “Run, Run Rudolph”…

Good times with special people!
Rolf and his mama 😉
Christmas Eve
Slumber party in Rudy’s room!!


Christmas morning


Christmas JOY!
Our Christmas was made extra special with our dear friends the Drummonds, their daughters and husbands and the Fluitt family…and extra, EXTRA special with the appearance of baby Carter!


Livy’s a natural with Carter
Livy holding a pooping Carter


Kid pic 2015

We welcome a little down time the next couple of days before the start of the new year…time to rest, regroup, reflect and anticipate the blessings of 2016.  Merry Christmas dear ones!  We are grateful you are a part of our family’s story.


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2015

  1. Rudy looks like a candy cane in his cozy PJs!! what dear pix capturing your Christmas joy. May 2016 bring blessings of health and adventure to all the Geylings! Love, Kris

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