And So It Begins….

Today marked the first day of the 2015-16 School Year for the three youngest Geylings and despite it being wickedly hot (for Santa Barbara), it was a good day for all…

First Day of School Eve 8-25-15
“First Day of School” Eve 8-25-15
The traditional first day of school porch pic looked a little different this year...
Umm, I guess it’s not EVERYONE’s first day of school…
Take Two!
Traditional First Day of School Porch Pic – Take Two! (8-26-15)
Max was cool as a cucumber heading off to 11th grade!
Max was cool as a cucumber heading off to 11th grade!
8th grader Olivia also playing it cool.
8th grader Olivia also playing it cool.
Rudy reunited with Nurse Viviana!  Woo Hoo!!
Rudy reunited with Nurse Viviana! Woo Hoo!!

Although Rudy is officially a 1st grader this year, his special ed class is a K/1 combo that mainstreams with one of the Kindergarten classes on campus.  As a result, Rudy’s schedule looks a lot like it did last year (with an additional hour and fifteen minutes at the end of the day after the K’s leave).  Not that Rudy had ANY inhibitions about going to school but the familiarity of his daily routine is nice and will aid in what we hope will be a smooth transition back into a structured day.  He was so happy to see his friends and teachers today.  Rolf and I dropped him off and as Rolf started to push his wheelchair from the parking lot toward his classroom, Rudy said “No Dad!  Walk!”.  Rolf took Rudy out of his chair and he (very proudly) made a bee line for his classroom the second his feet hit the ground!  Ha Ha Nurse Viviana reported at the end of the day that he had a great first day.  We are so grateful he is starting the school year off healthy and with great energy and enthusiasm for learning.  If today is any indication, this is going to be a fun year of progress and growth for the boy wonder.

With that, we say one last final goodbye to Summer 2015 and set our sights on the next big family “milestone” – Wilson’s college departure on September 4th!!  Yikes!!

Bye Bye Summer!
Bye Bye Summer!








7 thoughts on “And So It Begins….

  1. What an amazing life for the Geyling family. I am enjoying the adventure you are on. Thanks for always being a light Trish.

  2. Great seeing the family at the Westmont/APU game! Praying for Wilson as he embarks and I am excited for another year with Max and FCA. Peace and grace,

  3. Congrats all ’round! Great to see you out and about last week – hope Wilson’s first year is terrific. (Can’t remember – APU or Biola??)

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