Rudy’s Start to Summer

Rudy's last day of summer school with Nurse Viviana.
Rudy’s last day of summer school with Nurse Viviana.

Rudy finished up summer school last week…his teacher had nothing but great things to report.  He worked hard on his workbooks and various therapies and, of course, enjoyed adaptive PE with Coach Galvan.  He came home happy on the bus with nurse Viviana every day and looked forward to going back the next morning.  🙂  Sadly, his first full week of summer break coincides with the big kids heading off to camp…when we dropped them off this morning, Rudy asked over and over as they unloaded their luggage “where you going?”.  He would have jumped in the church van with them if he could.  Poor guy…

Saying "goodbye" to the big sibs...
Saying “goodbye” to the big sibs…

He may be a little lost without the big sibs this week but a quiet house will allow him to nap and get some good rest…and we have a couple of visits from good friends to look forward to!  🙂  Summer ROCKS!!!

2 thoughts on “Rudy’s Start to Summer

  1. What a class act family!! I feel so blessed, privileged, honored & grateful to have crossed paths with this amazing family. This recent picture of the 3 older sibs holding Rudy is priceless. Wilson, you are an incredible young man. Your smile lights up the world. Your heart is like no other. I was so excited when you were one of the boys Scott sent to unload my car! What a great surprise. You are such a fine gentleman. You will soar & succeed no matter what road you choose. Max, you’re right there buddy!! Your sweetness and humor is truly a gift. It was always a treat seeing you ride by La Patera to pick up the sweetest sister on this planet. Olivia melted my heart every time we spoke. Her gentleness was off the charts. I guess I can sum this up by saying the Geylings hold a very special spot in my heart. Rudy, I love you to the moon & back & can’t wait to see you at Mountain View! :~))

    1. You’re so sweet Ginny! Thank you for your kind words…’hope you’re having a GREAT summer (filled with baseball no doubt) and resting up. Rudy is going to be ready to play, play, PLAY when school starts up again! 🙂 Ha Love you.

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