Spring Fever

Spring fever has hit our household in more ways than one…there is a definite collective longing for the lazy, unstructured days of summer starting to develop but poor Rudy also came down with the yucky kind of fever making him pretty miserable for the past few days.

There was a staff shuffle within the district that resulted in a nurse switch for Rudy and last Friday was his first day with Nurse Viviana.  Sadly, he came down with a fever and was sent home from school early that day and hasn’t been back to school yet.  (Sorry for the crummy first week of Rudy duty Viviana!)  His symptoms were typical of the viral infections he gets from time to time so we hunkered down to wait for it to run it’s course.  Usually Rudy responds by sleeping but this time around he was pretty inconsolable and he found it difficult to find a comfortable position which resulted in 4 days and nights of fitful, sporadic rest.  His fever didn’t respond to the Motrin/Tylenol regimen so I took him to see his pediatrician today for help.

It looks like Rudy is battling multiple infections…a viral infection for sure and 2 unrelated bacterial infections (ear and strep).  😦  He’s on amoxicillin now so hopefully it will start working on the bacterial infections quickly allowing his body to rest while the viral infection takes care of itself.  Rudy needs to be on the antibiotic for 48 hours before he can go back to school so maybe he’ll be able to return to school on Friday…to nurse Viviana and all his friends he’s missing!  🙂

We sure appreciate prayer for complete healing and lots of much needed rest.  Thank you friends!!

So grateful for Nurse Jomana's care of Rudy the past couple of months...luckily she's still around and Rudy will get to see her when she comes to MntnView for other nursing duties.  Woo Hoo!!!  Thank you Jomana!!  :)
So grateful for Nurse Jomana’s care of Rudy the past couple of months…luckily she’s still around and Rudy will get to see her when she comes to MntnView for other nursing duties. Woo Hoo!!! Thank you Jomana!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. Praying for dear Rudy and for you, Trish, from my hospital bed, at the moment. I landed here yesterday and will be here until tomorrow. I did the weirdest thing – I turned over in bed wrong and somehow tore the abdominal rectus , and because I’ve been taking Coumadin, that thing bled copiously, right into my abdomen, producing a huge hematoma. But God is God and I am blessed with terrific doctors so things are beginning to straighten out, and are definitely looking up. I am very grateful. But . . . I’m so sorry Rudy is suffering and you are, too.

  2. precious little angel! Praying his little body heals quickly and that you all will get much needed rest!

  3. I hope Rudy is feeling better today and you too Pastordt.
    Fitful sleep is worse than no sleep, this I know!
    I have Prayers coming for You!

  4. Get well soon, Rudy! Hope you get to go back to school on Friday. Hope you sleep well too, Trish and Rolf!!

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