Inspired Creativity

The kids returned to school today (except Rudy…he has one more day of vacation), the Christmas decorations are all packed up and stored for next year (except for the Christmas tree…not quite ready to take EVERYTHING down yet) and I’m up and at ’em this morning ready to tackle the list of “to dos” (except I may just do today in my pajamas…not quite ready to get dressed).  🙂

The Wilsons flew back to Kansas on Saturday and Rudy had the longest nap on record Saturday afternoon after they left!  Ha Ha  As is our MO, we packed a lot into our 6 days of cousin fun and are grateful for the fun memories made.

Family photo at the Reagan Presidential Library
Family photo at the Reagan Presidential Library
Presidential Library selfie!
Presidential Library selfie!
Flannel fun!
Flannel fun!


A Christmas vacation well spent!
A Christmas vacation well spent!

Rudy was gifted a sweet tribute this past weekend as well…a friend from church recorded a song he wrote for Rudy and gave us a copy (I’ve attached it below).

It’s always such a blessing to see (or hear) the creativity inspired by Rudy.  We’ve received a handful of gifts of love over the years that were all inspired by Rudy’s energy, determination…smile.

Remember CeCe VanNortwick’s Rudy’s Heart?

Rudy's Heart...all dolled up!

And Steve Subject’s portrait after Rudy’s Wish Trip?


And, of course, Greg Lawler’s photographs that flood this blog.

This is one of the first pics Greg took of Rudy.
This is one of the first pics Greg took of Rudy.

It touches me deeply to experience how others see our boy.  I say “experience” because that is exactly what an expression of creativity is…AN EXPERIENCE…a moment in time captured by the artist that tells a story filled with emotion and depth of thought if you explore it long enough.

Thank you, dear friends, for the many thoughtful gifts of love and creativity that we’ve received over the years that continue to encourage and bless our family…especially as we start a new year…another year of unknowns but also another opportunity to live in faith and hope.  I wonder what will inspire us in 2015?  I pray we’ll have the presence of mind to stop and experience the precious moments that can easily be missed and be transformed by them.  May your 2015 be an inspired year filled with beauty and growth too!  🙂

Here’s Greg and Kristin Kirchmaier’s song:

5 thoughts on “Inspired Creativity

  1. Fun photos – so glad it was a good Christmas for everyone. (And I hope you DID spend the day in your pj’s!)

  2. Rudy IS such an inspiration! So fun to see you all having fun….how unusual 🙂 Enjoy the normalcy of getting back to the happy grind 🙂

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