“Special” Anniversary

Yesterday was Rolf’s and my 22nd wedding anniversary…it was a typical day in the Geyling household (a.k.a. too busy to celebrate) so we have an anniversary date yet to enjoy but yesterday was made extra special by the Special Olympics!!  Rudy and his classmates got to participate in the annual Special Olympics field day in our town.  Seventeen schools from the Carpenteria, Santa Barbara and Goleta school districts with kids from K-12th grade came together for a morning of fun and games!  🙂

With Nurse Sara and I on either side for support, Rudy enthusiastically got out of his chair and was ready to run UNTIL the actual soccer event that his class was assigned to began.  With the first blow of the referee’s whistle, Rudy shifted his weight, leaned back into his rear and wouldn’t bear any weight when Sara and I tried to right him.  He did, however, make an impressive show of coordinated mobility when attempting to leave the field (!)…once again doing life on his terms.  Granted, it was another UNSEASONABLY HOT day and it was crowded and a little chaotic but Rudy had fun nonetheless and it was a special day for all.  At one point, Sara and I were sitting with Rudy on the sidelines and I watched as all these amazing kids played soccer with parents and their dedicated  teachers & aides  playing alongside them (directing their every step in some cases) and I was overwhelmed, once again, by the truly special community the special needs crowd is.  Rich, rich, rich stuff!  LOVE the Special Olympics, love these kids…love our funny boy!


Rudy is all smiles on the sideline!!
Rudy is all smiles on the sideline!!
Let the games begin!
Let the games begin!
Rudy's passive aggressive refusal to play ;)
Rudy’s passive aggressive refusal to play ;)…
…and yet he still emerges a WINNER!!!  Ha ha
…and yet he still emerges a WINNER!!! Ha ha

4 thoughts on ““Special” Anniversary

  1. Living life on your terms has worked so far, sweet Rudy. You steal the hearts of all who know you. Keep smiling and spreading your courage.

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