Boo Hoo! We Got The Flu :(

After getting the kids settled back in school,  our household got hit with the flu…Livy came down with it on Tuesday evening  and Max & Rudy got it practically simultaneously early this morning.  Thankfully it ran it’s course through Olivia in less than 24 hours so I hope it’s the same for the boys.  ‘Praying it stops there and doesn’t bring the rest of us down.  Grandma Jo headed home yesterday and made it safety back to KS…dodging the flu bullet!  Needless to say, we’ll be staying close to home the next couple of days.  😦

Bye, bye Grandma Jo

Bye, bye Grandma Jo

6 thoughts on “Boo Hoo! We Got The Flu :(

  1. If it’s that stomach flu… disinfect the house hourly! The doctors are saying it can live on surfaces for 2 weeks and family members are still contracting it well after other members are well! Time to get out the bleach!

  2. All is well here with temps climbing to the 40’s today! I am so thankful for a warm house and am recovered from jet lag, groceries in, and ready to wait for Spring! Thanks for a great time in the happy Geyling household!

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