Measurable Progress

Wilson captured a MAJOR milestone in Rudy’s development on video this afternoon…CRAWLING!  I remember being “wowed” when the big sibs all learned to crawl as babies but I still took it for granted…it’s something Rudy has been working on in physical therapy for years!!!  He doesn’t quite have the strength to hold his head up yet but he definitely has the concept down. Check him out…

In addition to crawling, Rudy has mastered pulling himself up to the standing position and cruising along the couch or around our bed…he is busy with a capital “B” and we’re all spending a good bit of our day cleaning up after the tornado that is Rudy when he is  let loose to explore from this new vantage point!  Both crawling and cruising are significant in the process of learning how to walk unsupported and at the rate he’s going right now, I have a good feeling it won’t be long before he takes those first independent steps!!!  Go, Rudy, Go!!!

Rudy has also shown great improvement in his speech.  He’s highly motivated by music and LOVES to sing which certainly helps promote speech!  He’s got a pretty high pop/rock music IQ for a 4 year old thanks to the big sibs…Max has posted a series of fun music videos they’ve made together on Facebook…

A little Taylor Swift (reposted):

A little Bruno Mars:

“Click Here”

A little Justin Bieber:

We’ve even caught him at the computer singing along with Adele (and, of course, Mama’s got him singing classic Amy Grant!).  Let the music blast and the progress be measured in whatever means possible!  We take great delight in each and every step forward!!!

‘Just thought you might enjoy seeing some answers to your prayers!  🙂  Miracles do happen…and are often packaged in wonderfully simple ways!!!  🙂

12 thoughts on “Measurable Progress

  1. Super!!!!! Rudy you are amazing, you would not be doing half what you are without your awesome big sibs. They are truly a huge part to the miracle that is Rudy!

  2. Wow, Rudy! You are learning so many new tricks. I can’t wait to have “show and tell” when I visit. Keep practicing!

  3. Not only does Rudy have excellent rhythm, but he has amazing pitch! (For the benefit of the readers…) A month ago when he visited I sang a song he knew leaving off the last note, and he sang it on pitch. Then I went up a key, and another key, and another key and he was bang on! Yup yup! The boy’s got talent!


  4. Great job to the sibs for motivating Rudy by song! How awesome. Keep it up! Stuck like Glue is a fun song… check it out. xoxo Jo

  5. Way to really go, Rudy!! You have come a long way since rolling up in your tubing and “making a run for it”! Because you believe, standing and walking solo will be yours one day soon.

  6. Rudy, I’m so happy that I am able to view your big steps….crawls and all the great progress you have made. I’m sending my love and kisses to you Rudy!! LaLa

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