Laying Low…Getting Ready to Walk!

Well, Rolf’s doctor didn’t lie…his recovery from knee surgery on the 17th has been painful and is sloooooow going!  The next several months will require large doses of patience as Rolf adjusts to being “differently abled” and we all adjust to dad being “out of commission”. Thankfully Wilson got his official drivers license last week and is now at our beck and call for important errands like getting Mom a diet coke from McDonalds or driving to dad’s office to retrieve important files, etc, etc.  😉

Ironically, as Rolf is forced to lay dormant for several weeks, Rudy is motivated more than ever to walk with the help of his walker and is quick to make his escape out of the cul-de-sac each time we saddle up for a  walk in the neighborhood.  It’s so inspiring to see his “can do” attitude in action and it’s getting me super excited for this year’s Heart Walk!  Last year Rudy was able to take a handful of steps at the start of the event.  With the support of his walker, he’ll have no problem walking a couple of blocks on his own this year and what a special victory that will be!!!

As has become our tradition, our family is looking forward to celebrating Rudy’s FIFTH birthday at the Heart Walk.  “Team Rudy” has raised close to $30,000 for the American Heart Association in the three years we have participated in the SB Heart Walk and we hope to add to our tally again this year…money that will go to pediatric research specifically.  Will you consider partnering with us?  Click on the following link to read more about our motivation and to submit your donation on line…

SB HEART WALK – The Geyling Family

We also invite you to join us for the event if you are close by…here are the event details:

Santa Barbara 5K Heart Walk

When:  Saturday September 21, 2013 from 9-11:30am

Where:  Fess Parker’s Double Tree Resort…the “Team Rudy” tent will be set up across the street from the rotunda/(the start of the walk) on the beach side of Cabrillo Blvd.

For more information about the event, you can visit

Thank you, dear friends, for faithfully “walking” alongside us in the journey always!

The boys and their "brohawks" at Vacation Bible School!
The boys and their “brohawks” at Vacation Bible School!
Yay Wilson...licensed driver!!
Yay Wilson…licensed driver!!
Classic summer fun!
Classic summer fun!
The vantage point from which Rolf is seeing everything these days!
The vantage point from which Rolf is seeing everything these days!


Max and his godmother ;)  We love you Susie!!
Max and his godmother 😉 We love you Susie!!
Lots of walking = lots of sleeping!
Lots of walking = lots of sleeping!






6 thoughts on “Laying Low…Getting Ready to Walk!

  1. Oh, I thought the headline applied to Rolfi. Well maybe Rudy can teach you a thing or two when you get around to it. Hang in there you big scheeferbottomhead.

  2. Someone knew Rolf needed a rest and that was the only way he would do it. 😉
    So Proud of the new licensed driver and Rudy walking to his hearts content.
    Love you guys!

  3. Surely July can’t be ending already! Won’t be long until the school routine kicks in–WoW! Then it will be Heart Walk time again! Then, Rudy, you will be 5 years old as you continue to inspire others around the world! Go Team Rudy!

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