Christmas 2012

Christmas Tebowing at dawn.
Christmas Tebowing at dawn

Times are certainly changing…Christmases were once spent assembling all the toys the kids got from Santa…this year the day was spent syncing and activating electronics!  🙂  Ha Ha  Rudy did get one toy that needed to be put together so the day wasn’t completely disorienting but a major shift has occurred indeed.  Ha  Rudy is still more interested in the wrapping paper than he is in the gift but he took great joy in scooting around on his little indoor “bike” through piles of wrapping paper and checking out what everyone else got from Santa.

All smiles on Christmas morning...
All smiles on Christmas morning…

Of course, our Christmas Day wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Rescue Mission for Rolf’s annual Turkey Bowling Tournament with the residents.  We brought snacks and set up for this year’s extravaganza in the dining hall!  🙂  The competition was fierce as Rolf and the big kids joined in the bowling fun.  Rudy tolerated all the noise and commotion well with the help of his buddy Tom who sat with him and decorated Christmas cookies…so sweet!

Rudy and friends decorating Christmas cookies at the Rescue Mission.
Rudy and friends decorating Christmas cookies at the Rescue Mission.
Having lots of fun with new BFF Tom.  :)
Having lots of fun with buddy Tom. 🙂  This may be my favorite Christmas image this year!

It turns out that Rolf’s favorite Christmas present came from the pharmacy in the form of a little bottle stopper for Rudy’s Trileptal medication.  Now we can dispense this thick, sticky liquid medication straight from the bottle without having to first pour a little bit into a smaller cup to draw is up with the syringe (inevitably wasting a ton of medication) – genius.  Ah, the Costco pharmacist was definitely speaking Rolf’s love language this year and it will be the gift that keeps on giving multiple doses a day!  Not sure where they’ve been hiding those for the last four years…:)

LOVE the new bottle stop!
LOVE the new bottle stop!

Sadly, this Mama Elf didn’t quite get the sizing right on a couple of garments and we need to make a stop at the AT&T store so we are off to brave the “day after Christmas” crowds!  (yikes)  Luckily, this will include meeting up with Dad for lunch at the office…ho, ho, ho…the Christmas fun continues.  Love and hugs!

3 thoughts on “Christmas 2012

  1. Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas! Geez, the things I take for granted. I wish I had known you did not know about the bottle tops. We used them for years..Garrett now swallows all his pills. I wish I had clued you in sooner and had sent you our stash. I got rid of them about a year ago. 😦

  2. Didn’t recognize Rolf at first…….Glad you had a fun Christmas….yes, the gifts get more techno each year….the upside is that they take less space!!! Glad for Tom who kept Rudy enjoying the Turkey bowl 🙂

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