The Countdown Is On!

Just like most households this time of year, ours has been filled with holiday preparations of all kinds and the extra special  activities continue this week with a Christmas celebration with Rolf’s staff, two school band performances and Christmas caroling with the Girl Scouts!  🙂  In the midst of all the fun leading up to Christmas, we also received our hard travel dates and flight information from the Make A Wish Foundation.  We’ll be traveling to “Give Kids The World” on January 17th and returning to CA on the 25th!  Olivia promptly made a calendar to help us keep track of the number of days until we leave…and put it right next to our countdown to Christmas.  Ha Ha  This is truly a season of meaningful anticipation for our family as we prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ and anticipate this once-in-a-lifetime trip that we hope will be a profound shared experience filled with long lasting memories.  🙂

Simultaneous countdowns!
Simultaneous countdowns!

Some have asked if there is any new information about Rudy’s condition and I don’t have any specific updates…we don’t see Dr. Harake (cardiologist) until the week after Christmas and we don’t follow up with Dr. Shapiro (ENT) until after the new year…we’re supposed to see her in January but we may push that back to early February now that we have our travel dates for FL.  In general, though, Rudy is doing great.  His trach stoma is healing nicely but not completely closed as this could take several months.  He plays hard, sleeps hard and is generally happy as long as he doesn’t feel like he’s getting left behind when the rest of the household is buzzing to and from all their varied activities.  🙂  He seems to have developed a new fascination with the toilet which may be an indication he’s ready to start potty training!  He was quite proud of his new “big boy” toilet seat attachment and was happy to sit for awhile once he realized he could, indeed, balance there on his own.


Three days later he amazed us with his determination to carry, kick and throw THREE avocados while he bottom scooted from the kitchen to the kids’ bathroom in just one trip for some toilet fun!  ‘Looks like it’s time to keep the bathroom door closed!! Ha Ha

IMG_3521Rudy’s calendar was full this weekend with a variety of special events like his classroom party on Friday…

Rudy enjoying a little holiday music at his school party!
Enjoying a little holiday music!

Rudy was happy to see Teacher Christy again who came for a special visit!

Happy to see Teacher Christy again who came for a special visit!
Teacher Diane and a classmate join in the fun!
Teacher Diane and a classmate joining in on the fun and Rudy practices eating during snack time below!

Practicing eating during snack time!

…cheering on Max’s hockey game at the championship game before it got rained out…

A little pre-game hockey scrimmage with Olivia and Brooke.
A little pre-game hockey scrimmage.

…decorating cookies with Olivia and friends…


…and, my personal favorite, Christmas at Stow House!

Rudy has made amends with Santa!  Yea!!!
Rudy has made amends with Santa! Yea!!!


Sadly Wilson missed out on this tradition due to a trip up north for a drum corps camp but the rest of the clan enjoyed the requisite visit with Santa...
Sadly Wilson missed out on this tradition due to a trip up north for a drum corps camp but the rest of the clan enjoyed the requisite visit with Santa…
Maxi got a little Rudy love...
Maxi got a little Rudy love…
A tractor ride with Olivia and friend Brooke!
A tractor ride with Olivia and friend Brooke!

Of course, in the wake of Friday’s tragedy in CT and the loss of so many healthy, vibrant  young lives, we cherish and hold close these moments even more as well as pray with new vigor for those engaged in life and death battles around us.  Our hearts were deeply burdened to find out last night that our little friend Daisy has taken a turn for the worse in her battle against cancer…here’s the latest.  In addition, four of our dear friends who are a part of the Rudy’s Beat community are also in serious cancer battles and we  ask you to please stop for a moment and pray for Daisy, Bryan, Kenon, Bob and Jen – each one so dear to us and each one so full of faith and grace  in their journeys.  Rudy’s milestones are significant because they arise out of the pitched battle he is in.  Our hearts are intertwined with people engaged in similar struggles.  We hurt when they hurt, but our lives are richer because of their friendships…thank you, dear friends, for helping us envelop them in prayer!


God bless you friends…God bless the community of Newtown, CT…God bless those in a battle for health…God grant us all peace!

7 thoughts on “The Countdown Is On!

  1. How long until the TP next to the toilet becomes Rudy’s new toilet toy or (and) the bathroom/ hallway/ livingroom get TP’d by a nameless 4 year old…?

  2. It was great to see you and meet your new nurse at the Bear Club Santa Party….so nice that your new teacher, Diane is keeping the tradition going! I enjoyed talking to your Mom & Dad, reading the family news and Christmas card. Santa and I both love you Rudy….I will see you in the new year….WoW 2013! La La

  3. Time marches on!! Snow is possible here tonight — if that happens it won’t remain long because of warmer temps also forecast.
    Ho, Ho, Ho — Merry Christmas everyone in Rudy’s blog world.

  4. Love all the pics, especially how Rudy has found a new way to wash the avocados! Not sure if I will be having any guacamole the next time we visit 😉 Merry Christmas! Miss you all!!!

  5. Amen I say to your post, Trish. How blessed we are even in our toughest times, to hold our dear ones near we are indeed blessed. Love all the pictures and the Rudy/Santa ones are amazing! He is growing like a little weed. Love and Christmas blessings to all.

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