A Fun Day At UCLA!

Rudy is all smiles heading up to pre-op!

It sure was a different drive down to UCLA this morning…Rolf and I both commented on how strange it felt to be heading to UCLA without a huge weight resting on our shoulders…it was all going to be pretty straight forward…bronchoscopy, removal of scar tissue if needed, decannulation and observation – DONE.  No heavy consult with docs afterwards – just “get in”, “get it done” and “Wha-La! Finished”.  And, thankfully, that’s about how it all transpired today.  Dr. Shapiro said Rudy did well in the OR…he tolerated the anesthesia well and only fussed coming out of it as we would expect.  She didn’t need to remove any scar tissue and the small granuloma present near Rudy’s stoma will heal over time, most likely, without intervention so it was a pretty effortless procedure today!  We are so thankful.


Rudy with Dr. Shapiro during her pre-op visit…all systems go, go, go!


All done!!!! Rudy has such a pretty neck!!!  Never really seen it without a trach-tie!


Within 2 minutes of walking into the hospital lobby on our way to admit this morning, we ran into familiar faces…Dr. Shannon (who is one of many cardiologists at UCLA who weigh in on Rudy’s case during group conferences) and Dr. Reemsten (Rudy’s surgeon) both had really encouraging things to say about Rudy’s status and how great he looked.  (Always fun to hear!)   We ran into Dr. Kelly (CTICU Attending Doc) and Dr. Feinberg (CEO of the UCLA Health System) in the cafeteria while Rudy was in the OR and they, too, couldn’t have been more complimentary of Rudy’s progress.  (LOVE IT!)  Rudy had a relatively short stop in recovery – a bit fussy until Mom and Dad arrived – and was then transported up to the PICU.  Dr. Rick just happened to be waiting for us and he got an update on the big sibs from us while Rudy’s nurse and the attending PICU fellow got Rudy settled comfortably.  For all you long-time Rudy’s Beat readers, yes, that’s RT Oscar in the pic!!!  He was part of the welcome wagon too!!!  It was a fun reunion…

Settling-in in the PICU with Nurse Abigail, RT Oscar and Dr. Rick!!! We LOVE seeing familiar faces!


Remarkably, Rudy really hasn’t slept at all this afternoon so hopefully that means he’ll sleep soundly tonight.  Dr. Shapiro has ordered TWO nights of observation instead of one so as it stands now, Rudy will be discharged and we’ll head home on Thursday.   So far, Rudy is handling not having a trach great!  He definitely notices something is missing and is trying to figure it out.  Thanks for all the wonderful blog comments and texts today….so grateful for all the prayer and encouraging words!  Today marks the end of something pretty significant and the start of a fun, new chapter in Rudy’s development, we pray!


19 thoughts on “A Fun Day At UCLA!

  1. Amazing to think back over the last four years….seeing the faces of those who have played significant roles in Rudy’s life….Wow! God is so good! Love to all! Way to go, Rudy!

  2. Oh! And such an empty PICU room…so devoid of monitors and IVs and everything….what a difference from 4 years ago! Such progress!

  3. As usual I am inspired by Rudy’s spirit and the twinkle in his eye. I’m addicted to Rudy’s Beat! Always a great great read, thank you and keep up the great work Rudy. Fantastic!

  4. Great to see a smiling boy, and all the wonderful Doctors and special support people in his life. I remember the faces ( and dr. Rick blue shirt ). Thank you Lord for your blessings.
    Hope you All can get some rest !!!

  5. Yea Rudy!! So happy that it all went so well and we’ll keep praying for the next couple night of observation that they will go smoothly. Hugs for the Goodland!

  6. So many hugs coming your way, Rudy. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Bad for you to have to spend two nights but good for me, I get to see you and Mom & Dad! Yeah!

  7. Sleep tight tonight–Rudy, Mom and Dad! I know the kids at home are disappointed they have to wait until Thursday to have you home.
    Such a happy home!! Love to all!

  8. How exciting for all of you!! What a huge relief that all went well. May you all sleep well tonight! God bless and comfort you with His strength and never ending love.

  9. A BIG wonderful day! Very exciting….in so many ways. And how sweet that some of those who have been so significant in Rudy’s journey “just happened” to be around 🙂
    God is good!

  10. Thank you for the incredibly wonderful news! God bless you Rudy. You are the true definition of strength…as are the rest of the Geyling family. My prayers were answered and I will continue them for each of you. Sleep tight and I look forward to seeing you trach-free!! Love you little guy!!

  11. Nice tan line Rudy! This is such a big step, every bit of progress brings you closer to the eventual goal! So happy everything went well.

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