We’re Not The Only Ones Preparing To Walk…

The Heart Walk is just 10 days away and excitement is building…the Dos Pueblos drum line (of which Wilson is a member) will be helping to kick-off the festivities, the birthday cakes have been ordered, we’re very close to our fundraising goal and Team Rudy is ready to walk!

And we’re not the only ones…we had the fun opportunity yesterday of meeting the Westmont Warriors baseball team.  This group of impressive young men has formed a Heart Walk team of its own and we thought introducing Rudy to the team would help put a local “face to the cause”.  It was such a neat time and the “big baseball guys” were very sweet to our little warrior.

Honorary “Team Rudy” members! Go Warriors!!
Rudy’s got quite an arm!

It just so happens that Rudy has been doing a little preparation of his own…check out the workout he’s been getting at therapy the last several weeks!

1st attempt…

After a little practice…

Rudy getting a round of high fives from some of the gals in the county education office down the corridor – to which he WALKED!!
He’s so proud!

Although Rudy doesn’t have quite enough core strength to walk on his own yet, he sure is motivated to walk circles around the MTU (Medical Therapy Unit) with a little support!  He is definitely on his way to walking the 5K Heart Walk…maybe next year!  🙂

In addition to walking, Rudy has been doing a little singing with his sister…


15 thoughts on “We’re Not The Only Ones Preparing To Walk…

  1. You cannot know how thrilled I was to watch those walking videos!
    Way to go, Rudy!!! You are an amazing little guy!

  2. Way to go, Rudy! You’ll be r-u-n-n-i-n-g with those siblings in no time! What an awesome treat to see you walking! Such a sweet, sweet boy with a kind and sensitive heart! Love and hugs to all of you!

  3. I watch that walking video over and over and over. I cry every time. Rudy: I am SO excited for you and the big smile on your face!
    Lots of love to you!!!

  4. I LOVED Olivia singing with Rudy! One of the most precious moments I have ever seen on here. Go Olivia, for being the best big sister in the world!

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