Saying “Goodbye” To Summer

Well, there is no stopping it…summer 2012 is coming to an abrupt end and the full schedule of work, school, therapy, fall sports, doctor appts, etc starts bright and early Monday morning.  The big boys have already gone to their school orientations/check-ins to turn in paperwork, get school pics taken, pick up class schedules and school IDs (this week feels VERY productive).  Olivia finds out her class placement tomorrow (Friday) and Rudy is enrolled and ready to start school at the Bear Club on September 4th.  As always, I’m sad to see summer end but I know we’ll all enjoy getting back into a structured routine once we adjust to all the changes this season brings.

Rolf and I had hoped to take our family on a summer vacation up the coast for a week or so this year but between Wilson’s packed summer schedule and other conflicts our big plans got whittled down to a long weekend getaway this past weekend.  It was short but sweet and a nice family memory maker nonetheless.  Our trip included  a very special visit with one of Rudy’s heart buddies for whom many of you have prayed…Moriah and Rudy had their first face to face, dare I say, “date”!!!  The big kids came dutifully along ready to patiently endure a visit with “Mom and Dad’s Friends” until they discovered how hip and cool Justin and Victoria are.  Come to think of it, we realized on the drive home that J & V are actually closer in age to our kids than they are to us, so we’re glad all the young kids tolerated us old-timers being around (sigh).  But what an inspiration to be around another family that sets such an example of how to walk through life with a medically fragile child.  We LOVE you, Nelsons,  and feel even more connected after getting a chance to hug tight and share common struggles and joys.

Rudy and Moriah’s first “face to face” play date!
The Kid Pic…sans Jadon, Moriah’s little brother.
The Parent Pic 🙂

The big kids also had a chance to connect with old friends Emmy and Steve-0 (who they haven’t seen in a few of years)…they are significant to Rudy’s story as their family was visiting Santa Barbara the week we got Rudy’s diagnosis in August of 2008…a sweet comfort during that most scattered and frightening week.

August 2008
August 2012

Sadly, another member of Rudy’s team is moving on and we had to say “goodbye” to OT Julie last week.  We will miss our “snack” dates with Julie during Rudy’s oral therapy each week but we wish her well and are grateful for her investment in Rudy this past year.

We LOVE the ranch!!
Thank you OT Julie!!

No word, yet, on decannulation from the cardiologists down south so we’re still waiting to schedule that procedure with Dr. Nina…the cycle of routine “specialist appts” starts next week for Rudy so he’ll be seeing a variety of docs the next couple of weeks including Dr. Harake again.  Hopefully he’ll know something by then if not before.  In the meantime, we’ll go ahead and focus on school and upcoming fall events like the Heart Walk…be sure to let us know if you’d like to join us for the walk.  There is still plenty of time to make a donation if you’d’s more information.

Thank you!  I’m keenly aware today of the many things we have for which to be grateful.

5 thoughts on “Saying “Goodbye” To Summer

  1. What a surprise to see all my favorite people together in a photo.
    Moriah and Rudy are a HOT couple!

    so precious

  2. Wow! Emmie and Steve-o have grown so much. Handsome kids just like my grandchildren! And isn’t Moriah a doll–cute date, Rudy!
    Looks as if Ranch Dressing is still the food of choice!

  3. Love Rudy’s first date photos so cute! I love that you all got to get away and I hope a SD getaway is on your list for the coming year or so. Praying for Rudy and all of the geylings. Hugs… xxxooo

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