“Team Rudy” Preparing To Walk Again!

As planned, we have been laying low since our return from UCLA.  We ventured out briefly a couple of times on Friday to “get the stink blown off us”, as my grandma used to say, but Rudy is definitely still sore and uncomfortable and needing a dose of Tylenol every 4 hours.

In addition to the sensitive spot on his groin where they gained access to his heart for the cath, Drs Dan and Harake took advantage of Rudy being under anesthesia and worked on Rudy’s chest wound for us…for over 3 years, we’ve been treating Rudy’s chest scar from his open heart surgery that never fully healed due to some pesky sutures that didn’t dissolve or recede.  Assuming we’d be heading back to surgery at some point, we figured Rudy’s surgeon could deal with it then but it became increasingly worse over the years and a growing concern for us.  Pulling sutures is not a typical practice in the cath lab so we are particularly grateful for Dr. Dan’s willingness to address our concern and take care of it once and for all.  It took some pulling, digging and squeezing that, I’m sure, is contributing to Rudy’s post-procedure discomfort but it looks a TON better already and is quickly healing!  Yippy!

Laying low with Daddy
Viva la Fiesta! – we took a little walk along the confetti filled streets of Santa Barbara in search of a funnel cake or two! 🙂

Now that the cath is behind us and with just 3 weeks of summer vacation left, it’s time to look ahead and begin to prepare for the fun events that already fill our fall calendar…events like Olivia’s 10th birthday, the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission’s annual fundraising Bayou event and Rudy’s 4th birthday!!

It has become a bit of a tradition for our family to celebrate Rudy’s birthday by participating in the annual Santa Barbara Heart Walk benefitting the American Heart Association.  This year the Heart Walk will take place on Saturday September 29 (just 2 days before Rudy’s 4th birthday on October 1st) and, once again, we look forward to join the hundreds of other participants who will walk and raise money in honor or memory of a loved one affected by heart disease and like last year, the money raised by “Team Rudy” will go directly to PEDIATRIC research and programs.  An investment that could potentially introduce new treatment options that are not available to Rudy and kids like him today.  In 2010, Team Rudy raised $10,275 and in 2011 we raised $10,486 – an extraordinary response from the larger community of Rudy supporters from as far away as Germany!  We are deeply grateful for the gifts given in honor of Rudy the past two years and invite you to join us in this special campaign again this year.  We certainly don’t want to take advantage of our friends’ past generosity and don’t want anyone to feel pressured to give but if this is a cause you feel you could support, would you consider donating today or joining “Team Rudy” to fundraise and walk alongside us?  To visit our family’s personal donation page, follow this link OR these simple steps:

1.  Go to “www.sbheartwalk.com”

2. Click “Donate” on the Home Page

3. Enter Rolf’s name:  First name “Rolf”, Last name “Geyling” and click “Search”

4. Follow the instructions to click on our family’s name and you’re there!!

*Also, Olivia asked to manage her own fundraising this year so you are welcome to make your donation on her page as well…you can follow this link to get there or follow the instructions above inserting Olivia’s name. 🙂

Team Rudy 2011

We sure hope you can be a part of this special event…either by giving or participating!  Although Rudy’s future remains complicated and uncertain, we are encouraged by his progress and inspired by his friendly and happy spirit…grateful to “give back” any way we can.

Since we’re on the subject of fundraising, I thought you might also be interested to know that since I launched my fundraising efforts for Camp del Corazon through the sale of my “Rudy’s Heart” pendant in February of 2010, we’ve been blessed to donate $1500.00 dollars to the camp!  That’s a lot of Rudy’s Hearts!  🙂  A big thank you to those who have purchased a Rudy’s Heart pendant or given directly to Camp del Corazon in honor of Rudy.  This is a summer camp experience we pray Rudy will get to enjoy when he’s old enough led by a group of caregivers and medical professionals we love very much.  We hope you take some time to read up on their very special work.

Rudy’s Heart

Thank you all for your prayers this past week and for walking alongside us in so many more ways than just one!  Love and hugs from all the Geylings!!

Donate to the Heart Walk today and as a personal thank you from our family, we’ll send you a Rudy bookmark and pen! 🙂

10 thoughts on ““Team Rudy” Preparing To Walk Again!

  1. Dude. Don’t forget, I’m walking!!! Woot woot! What do you need me to do to create solidarity amongst the teammates?

  2. Been out of the loop for three weeks due to a busted computer and finishing up my training in spiritual direction. SO glad to see that Rudy is doing well post-cath and that you’re all gearing up for your great fund-raiser once again. Love to you all!

  3. This is a great update. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
    Blessings, Bobby And Marilyn Clinton

  4. At 2330 tonight I realized that my life was incomplete and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t read anything on Rudy for quite a while. I officially retired from UCLA on 6/28 and they cut my email so I have not received any notices of blogs. Here it does show my correct email address but I am not receiving notices. We moved my mom in with us 6/30 so I have been very busy, but once I realized I was missing my Rudy fix I could not go to bed without catching up. I love reading all the news and seeing all the pictures. I am soooooooooooo very happy for Rayme I could cry! I think all of your positives and negatives are taken in such a fabulous manner that it makes everything else pale in comparison. I am so proud of the big sibs and the fact that you let them do so much for Rudy. You and Rolf have just enough strength to not hover over Rudy and let life go on with the sibs. It is like Erma Bombeck stated in that poem/story I gave you about the Special Mother (which I feel includes Dad as well) God picked you as parents because he knew you could make a good balance for Rudy and the family. I love you guys and hope I get back on with notices for my regular Rudy fix!!!

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