Pre-Cath Report

Rudy had an appointment with Dr. Harake this morning.  Today’s echo showed the same enlargement of the right atrium and right ventricle as last month.  As would be expected in a heart where the right atrium and ventricle are pumping blood to both the lungs AND the body, Rudy’s 1/2 a heart is overworked.  The rerouting of the circulatory system between the heart and lungs that happens in the Glenn and Fontan surgeries would help to relieve the extra pressure on the heart but outside the surgeries, there isn’t anything we can do about it.  The relationship between Rudy’s enlarged heart, pulmonary pressures, collaterals, etc is so intricately intertwined and the need for the Glenn and Fontan becomes more urgent to us as our understanding of it all becomes more clear!

Another common complication in Rudy’s condition is a “leaky” tricuspid valve as a result of the valve not closing properly.  Dr. Harake has detected mild leakage for a while but today he feels the leakage is increasing from mild to more moderate.  For now, we will treat it with an increase in medication he’s already taking but there is a chance surgery will be needed to repair it down the road…we’ll keep an eye on it.  Today’s appointment left me with some questions for Drs. Dan and Harake when we consult with them after the cath.

Rudy is second on the schedule on Wednesday but we’ll need to report to the hospital at 6am just in case the schedule changes at the last minute…it’ll be an early departure for us from Santa Barbara which is becoming the custom.  🙂  Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement…we’re so grateful for you!

With it being his last day in town for a while, Wilson opted to go with me and Rudy to Dr. Harake’s….
…and, of course, Rudy was happy to have big brother tag along!
Sending our big boy off to Costa Rica for 10 days!! ‘Praying for safety and an amazing ministry experience!!

11 thoughts on “Pre-Cath Report

  1. Amen to that Helga! I was thrilled to talk with Wilson by phone last evening and he is such a neat kid! Love that young man! So glad both Rolf & Trish can go to UCLA with Rudy and Max and Livy can go to stay with Bob and Cathy–such supportive and special friends! With the prayer power enfolding you with love–stay positive, okay?

  2. Wilson will never be the same….I’m sure he’s going to light up his corner in Costa Rica and have the time of his life!
    My whole heart hurts when I hear of Rudy’s half heart working so hard…..I’ll get my friends to join in prayer for his cath tomorrow! Love love love you all!

  3. I am/will be praying for both your boys! Both sooo special in their own ways!
    May God give you and Rolf His peace that passes understanding!

  4. Blessings to Rudy with the heart cath and Wilson with the Central American adventure, and of course to Gehlings all!

  5. Hi, Rudy & Family….I will be sending prayers and many special wishes your way tomorrow. I miss you Rudy!

  6. Praying all goes well with Rudy’s heart cath tomorrow and that it leads to good news for Rudy’s future heart health. Also praying for Wilson’s mission trip, Cameron just went on his 1st one also to Mexico for a week and he loved it. Hugs and prayers for all the Geylings.

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