Rudy’s New ASP!

Rolf caught a vision for his latest invention a few weeks ago and debuted it today…

…Rudy’s Adaptive Swimming Platform!

Olivia assisted him in submerging it for the first time while Rudy looked on with great anticipation…


And then Rudy got his first try at the platform…Tah-Dah!


Even Olivia couldn’t resist the lure of the platform fun…


Here’s some live action footage of the fun…

I suspect we’ll get a lot of great use out of Rudy’s ASP this summer…well done Papa!  Further proof of “where there’s a Rolf, there’s a way!”

12 thoughts on “Rudy’s New ASP!

  1. and the genius award goes to………………………………….

    Happy Rudy makes everybody happy 🙂

  2. I think the swimming bar and b-b-q needs to be next on the to do list. Rolf can then quit his day job and franchise.

  3. I just don’t see how school is ever going to compare to this one!
    The platform takes “water play” to a new level! You are going to have the best summer ever Rudy!! Luv, LaLa

  4. What fun that Rudy can be IN the pool with the rest of you. Rolf’s creations continue to amaze and surprise! What a wonderful, creative, loving family Rudy has…

    Keep on splashing, Rudy!

  5. Did you patent that before you went public, Rolf??? What a great idea!!! May God con’t to give you creative ideas as you adapt your surroundings to Rudy needs and others who may have similar needs too…. Blessings and happy swimming to you all… xoxo Jo

  6. Just arrived home and tuned in to the blog first thing. It is always fun to see what is coming next. Rolf do you think you could buiild a wench to get me out of the pool if I fell in? Trish might not be around the house at the time I need the step ladder she provided last time!!!! Have fun splashing, Rudy……1-2-3-….throw! Love toall!

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