Two New Firsts

Rudy experienced two new firsts this weekend and it was a fun, refreshing weekend for the whole family as well!  We enjoyed a day trip down to our old neighborhood in South Central LA on Saturday to see the Stanford women’s swim team swim against USC!  It was actually a first for all of us and even though Rudy didn’t like the cheering crowds or the unseasonable hot temps, he did get to meet our Stanford swimming god daughter, Maya, for the first time and liked her alot. 🙂  We had a great afternoon visiting with special friends we don’t get to see very often and watching some dog gone fast swimmers!  It was special for me and Rolf to see Maya, a top-ranked U.S. swimmer, swim in person since the last time we got to see her in a swim meet was about 12 years ago but it was especially encouraging to me to see this beautiful, young, confident woman for whom we’ve prayed the past 19 years looking healthy, happy and well-adjusted while using and enjoying her God-given talents!  We wish her great success in the upcoming Olympic trials…

Rudy, Rolf and Maya
So proud!
The cheering section! (We missed Sarah!!!!)
Planking on campus!

Then on Sunday, Rudy got his very first ride on the open road in his new bike trailer!  He was pretty excited from the get-go and loved it in particular when the big kids rode circles around us…

Happy, bike-riding Rudy!

We’re loving our summer-like weather but it’s making it very hard to go to school, work, etc…I think we’d all rather hit the beach!!!  🙂  Ha ha  Bye, bye January 2012 and a big welcome to February!  Blessings to you dear friends…

9 thoughts on “Two New Firsts

  1. What a great weekend. Glad to see all the Geylings out and having fun. Hugs to all and continued prayers for our sweet Rudy.

  2. Love this post! glad to see you all having some family fun. Especially like the planking picture! (HA!) And, of course, Rudy in his trailer. What a life!

    Blessings and hugs to you all!

  3. Kaila and I sat and watched about 30 of your Rudy/family videos. She asked who Rudy was. I said, “One day you will meet Rudy and you guys can be friends”….she said, “yea” Then pitched a level 9 fit when we had to go eat dinner. I had to promise we’d come back and watch more Rudy videos….

  4. Nice update. What is Maya’s last name. We will be looking to cheer for her in olympics. Liked the new bike-trailer. Rudy will really like that. Looks like fun. Ben, our youngest grandson, played in his first church basketball team game. We cheered him on. it was his first team sport. By the way, what does the word “planking” mean. Us two old fogies don’t know that word. Blessings! Bobby and Marilyn Clinton

    1. Her last name is DiRado. Her parents, Ruben and Marit, went to Stanford with Rolf and Ruben was the best man in our wedding…some fun history there! 🙂 Maya has two big competitions coming up with the NCAA’s and the Olympic trials so keep an eye out for her! 🙂

      Oh, and “planking” is a crazy fad consisting of lying face down with your hands to your side in an unusual location…an important part of the silliness is to have a picture taken so you can post it on the internet. You and Marilyn should try it, Bobby!!! 🙂 We’d all love to see what crazy location you could come up with! Ha Ha

      Lots of love…

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