A Special New Friend

Lucas and Rudy


We met an impressive young man on Saturday at a fundraiser here in town for Camp del Corazon (www.campdelcorazon.org).  Camp del Corazon is a summer camp experience on Catalina Island for kids ages 7-17 living with heart disease.  Many of Rudy’s nurses and doctors in the CTICU volunteer their time as counselors at the camp so we look forward to the day when Rudy is old enough to go and experience cool activities kids with heart disease don’t usually get to do.

Our new friend Lucas is a regular camper at Camp del Corazon and shared how the camp has enriched his life with unique experiences and lifelong friendships with kids and counselors who have walked a similar path.   It was extremely encouraging to talk with this confident and articulate 14 year old who, like Rudy, was born with a serious heart defect, spent most of his first year of life at UCLA, had a trach until he was 16 months old and a feeding tube until he was 3 years old.   Lucas is so passionate about the camp that he plans to become a counselor when he is too old to go as a camper.  We did the math and realized he’ll be a counselor when Rudy is eligible to go for the first time so he said he’ll save Rudy a spot in his cabin!  🙂  Thank you Lucas for being willing to share your story and encouraging families like ours who find it hard sometimes to look past today.  Meeting you gives us a vision for a quality of life Rudy could have in his future.  Blessings to you and your family!  We’ll see you at camp… 🙂

Rudy's future camp counselor!


If you have a minute, here are a couple of camp videos that are awfully touching…

6 thoughts on “A Special New Friend

  1. That is soooo awesome! So thankful for Rudy to have a place
    like that to go to! Rudy has grown sooo much in many ways…
    what a blessing!

  2. So much encouragement surrounds you, Rudy! I pray for continuing miracles for you and all the famaily in Rudy World. I love you, honey.

  3. Thanks for this post Trish. Both joy and sorrow together… what extremely brave children and families. And the awesome Doctors, nurses and other volunteers! May God bless them a thousand fold.

    Blessings on your week. xoxo Jo

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