Oops…Not Today

So sorry to get you all excited about Rudy’s first day of school…he ended up not going today due to a bug he’s been fighting for several days.  We thought maybe he’d conquer it by today but after a couple of days with a rash and runny nose, it finally hit his lungs and he’s a  chunky monkey today.  Poor boy.  We were all amped up last night (Olivia even picked out a special outfit for him to wear to school) so it’s a bit of a let down but we’ll try again on Thursday.  We’re starting out slow…just two days a week and he’ll eventually work his way up to 4 days a week.  The plan is for me to go with him initially until the staff is trained and feels comfortable with his care and an extra aide is hired.  Eventually he’ll ride the bus to school (which will be wonderful – the school is a bit far) but for now I’ll need to drive him as there are a number of safety precautions that need to be worked out before the district will transport him.  It’s all in process still but it’s certainly okay to take it slow.

So, sit tight…the “first day of school” post is coming!  Ha Ha  Thanks for all the sweet messages wishing Rudy luck and a fun start to school.  He’s going to really love it, I think.  ‘Praying for clear lungs by Thursday.  🙂

In the meantime, we’ll continue to get his “school supplies” ready…

Rudy's "Bucket 'o Supplies" to keep in his classroom


Not too sick to have some fun with Max



5 thoughts on “Oops…Not Today

  1. Can’t wait to see a picture of Rudy on a school bus… grown up… all by himself… Just too CUTE! Get well Rudy!

  2. ah sad…at least he will be ready in a day or so. We love you guys and are so excited for the 1st day of school for Rudy. Trish, ill meet you for some cocoa or chai if you need. xoxoxo

  3. OK..we needed the reminder that this journey is still a day-by-day walk of patience, flexibility and trust as huge requirements. Now your mommie is a teacher as she trains the school staff and puts her Masters to good use. What a gal! Get well soon, Rudy dear, and “No, Max, you can’t go to school with him–not even disguised as a two-headed jock.” I love you guys!

  4. Good call Mom! Better to be well before school germs join into the fun!! Can’t wait to hear how his “second” first day goes!

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