Happy Birthday : Part 2

I tried real hard to post “Part 2” of Rudy’s birthday last night before bed but, alas, I wasn’t successful!  I kept falling asleep as I waited for photos to download!  Ha Ha  A full day it was but we managed to squeeze in some celebrating of Rudy along the way and he certainly felt the love from family and friends both near and far!  For ten years, the Rescue Mission has held it’s annual Bayou benefit out at Dos Pueblos Ranch.  It’s always a memorable event, but it was especially so three years ago when Rudy arrived early.  As surreal as it might have felt to leave our newborn in the ICU at UCLA it was comforting to be among so many friends that have only become more dear to us through this journey.  So to have the event fall on Rudy’s birthday this time around made for a very special day.  Despite his apprehensions about crowds, Rudy did have fun going out to the Ranch to supervise the preparations.

The SBRM Auxiliary and their husbands took a break from setting up to sing "Happy Birthday" to Rudy! 🙂
All set and ready to go!
All dressed up for the Round Up at the Ranch!
I have no idea what we were laughing about but it sure looks like it was funny! 🙂 I love pictures of people laughing!!
Rudy was more than happy to stay home with the big sibs. Night nurse Evelyn came to relieve Wilson of "Rudy duty" to do his feed and evening meds and Rudy was very happy to see Nurse Evelyn on his birthday! 🙂
Yeeee Haaaaw! We bid and we won the teepee & cowboy accessories! We absolutely have no room for it (ha, ha, ha) but I don't care...it is too cute for words!
Rudy's checking out his boots...
The Geyling Siblings October 2008
Happy Birthday Rudy!!! October 1, 2011

In the midst of a non-stop day, there was one quiet moment at the start of the day that this mama will cherish always…normally Rolf does Rudy’s morning meds but  yesterday I got them ready.  I knelt down at Rudy’s crib to administer them through his g-tube and as my hands were busy with his g-tube extension, Rudy leaned over, gently kissed my upper arm and then looked up at me with the sweetest smile….capturing my heart yet again!   My whole day yesterday was filled with thoughts of the day Rudy was born and how we didn’t dare look beyond the day that was before us for so long…and now, here we are, three years later with a big boy who can bottom-scoot his way to anywhere he wants to go, can communicate his feelings and wants, is full of joy and not intimidated to share his happiness and love to just about anyone he comes in contact with!  His life is so rich…and so is ours.  Thank you for adding to the richness of our lives!