Warm California Sun

After several weeks of June Gloom at the start of our summer, we’ve finally had some nice sunny weather here on the coast and we’ve taken full advantage of time in the pool.  Even Rudy has discovered a love for the water.  Although we have to be very careful that his trach doesn’t get wet, time in the water is so good for him.  He even spent one of his therapy sessions in the pool with therapist Kristin and is more and more confident with each spin in his inflatables!  🙂 

Max produced a little video with some recent pool footage we collected…be patient, it takes a while to buffer but it’s worth the time investment!  Ha (Thanks Max):

Boy, when he finally gets to wean from the trach, he’ll be quite a little water-rat like his big sibs!  He’s definitely primed and ready to go…’wish you could come over and join us for a dip ~ especially our friends and family burning up in the Midwest and East!  🙂 Bless you friends….

Water-rats with goggles!

14 thoughts on “Warm California Sun

  1. Great video! Wish we had a pool to enjoy in this hot Texas heat, but I suspect the water would be TOO hot to enjoy with our present temperatures–105 for a whole string of days. Enjoy!

  2. Maxamillion!!!! Love that vid!!!! You are the funnest fam in Santa Barbara!!! Rudy, you got it made!

  3. Great job on the video! Rudy is having such a wonderful time in the pool. I admire how as a family, you include him in all aspects of life and living despite his limitations. He is a real trooper!

  4. Alright you have me giggling again out loud in the still of the Boston summer night…. yeah for Rudy, swimming, Geyling filmmakers and roof jumpers!
    love Andi

  5. Slept in on this HOT day–what a way to awaken and see all of you in the pool! Rudy, you do get involved in everything your family does, BUT PLEASE, don’t even think about jumping off that roof. I go into cardiac arrent every time I see your sibs doing this. Hope the roof holds up! Love ya’ all.

  6. I’m going to need some parent permission slips filled out the next time we have youth group at your house because we are all going off that roof!!! Excellent job on the video Maximizer!

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