Royal Wedding Fever

I’m a freak!  I have an absolute mountain of chores and paperwork that I simply MUST get to today (my first full day at home in over a week) and I’m glued to GMA’s coverage of the royal wedding and spending WAY too much time trying to figure out how to print the Official Royal Wedding Programme that was just released to the public!  Yep, I’m a freak…

Longtime friends know this about me…my parents and I were on a vacation when Prince Charles and Diana wed in 1981 and I have a very vivid memory of sitting in our hotel room watching the wedding live in the middle of the night.  I soaked up everything Diana and when she died, again, I stayed up to watch around-the-clock coverage (remember Grace?).  The hoopla over Prince William and Catherine’s wedding has been a fun distraction and, shamelessly, I will be up watching all the pomp and circumstance live like I did 30 years ago!  Ha Ha

Rudy is pretty uninterested in all that but he is keeping himself very busy these days as his world here at home becomes gradually bigger…

Not only is he getting around more and more at home, but he is also getting around on the town too…he had another celebrity meet and greet at a breakfast Rolf MC’d last week…can you guess who it is?

Can you figure it out? Think...80's icon...
...Think "Sports Illustrated" or interior lighting...
Tah-Dah! Supermodel Kathy Ireland!
Rudy is living the high school fantasy of many men in my generation!! ...a little snuggle with Kathy Ireland 🙂
After the thrill of meeting Kathy Ireland, Rudy had a blast watching a flurry of children hunting for easter eggs at church on Sunday.  A fun Rudy-memory-maker for the big sibs especially…
Wilson and Rudy staged and ready to watch the hunt!
Livy's stash!
Happy Easter!
"Jesus is Risen!" Happy Day!!
Happy Day Indeed!
Cheer-i-o all you royal watchers!

7 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Fever

  1. Wow! that Rudy can get around now. I loved the miles of tubing around his middle he must have rolled a few times. You kitchen floor it sooo clean and shiney, amazing to me, as mine hasnever looked that good for more than a second. Love the Easter photos… Hugs to all. xxoo

  2. I’m jealous of Rudy meeting a supermodel, no matter how ancient she might be! He’s just a little superstar magnet! So cute, the little mischief maker.

  3. Well, I think you must be very close to being royal with all these famous peeps you rub shoulders with!! Girl- I be sleeping tonight…..counting on someone’s TIVO! Wow! Rudy gets around on those spotless floors!! Enjoy every minute of the wedding!

  4. Trish, hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding as much as we did! Rachel, Michelle, her mom and I all got up to watch the festivities. I must say, though, that all that pomp and circumstance doesn’t hold a candle to one smiling picture of Rudy and his sibs! Of course, you are children of The King! Bam!!

  5. Trish you are so funny. Even before Rolf told me about your Royal Wedding Fever I just had a hunch that you would be glued to it. I love those photos of Rudy and the kids; especially that one of him and Wilson..priceless. Love to you all!

  6. Always happy to see your happy faces. Christ is Risen, inded! Eugenia and I are talking non-stop and enjoying a great visit. Today we go to Emma’s Dance Extravaganza and dinner at the Wilson’s. Should be fun. We all send our love.

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