“Yes, Rudy, There Is A Santa Claus”…

…but I’m not sure Rudy is too keen on his existence!

First introductions!
Seems nice enough...
A "heart-to-heart" with Santa...
Yippy, a candy cane!
Wait a minute!!!

Not even the big sibs were able to comfort Rudy…Santa wasn’t threatening until we made Rudy sit on his lap!  Ha   (Bless his heart) 

     Although Rolf and I continue to battle the temptation to dwell on the heartache of recent disappointments where Rudy is concerned, we have had a ton of fun distractions including this little trip to see Santa and Oma’s visit this week.  I even managed to pull off a jewelry open house at the last minute yesterday and enjoyed a nice turn out…connecting with friends I haven’t seen for a while.   The hustle & bustle continues this next week with another GVJH band concert, caroling with the Girl Scouts, Rescue Mission staff party, visits with “out-of-town” friends and more…treasuring it all. 

Poor Daddy got a scolding from Santa!

15 thoughts on ““Yes, Rudy, There Is A Santa Claus”…

  1. Oh.. I broke out laughing when I scrolled down to the photo with all the kids and Rudy Crying…. so sweet. He is just too sweet that little Rudy. Looks like the rest of the kids enjoyed seeing Santa, not sure why Rolf is in big trouble with him this year. Is Rolf on the naughty list?? Blessing on your Christmas & New Year.

  2. Looks like Rolf won’t be getting the 24′ Catalina and 5year prepaid boat slip this year…

    Santa overlooks those little things like crying in his presence, so Rudy’ safe…

  3. I’m with Emily on this one. LOVE seeing the progression from suspicion to outright fury. I don’t blame Rudy one little bit – at his age, Santa is plenty scary lookin’!!! (meaning Rudy’s age, not Santa’s…) Glad you’re having some good fun together in the midst of all the tougher stuff. REALLY wanted to come look at jewelry, but Tuesdays are my longest, hardest days, so no go this year. HOWEVER, IN 16 DAYS, I am officially retired – so next year will be a whole new ball game. Love to you all.

  4. I know why Rolf is getting a scolding… it’s the shirt. We’ll need to have Santa bring you an Auburn shirt “Refuse 2 Lose” !

  5. My mom told me I screamed like “you know what” the first time I saw Santa ! So-ooo I’m with you Rudy. It takes a little getting used to !!!!
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Love Betty

  6. Adorable! You are all a great testimony to choosing the happy side while experiencing the sadness and disappointments.

  7. I do believe that Rudy has hit a milestone! He obviously did not want to share! Santa was his for a ‘moment’ in time!

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