No, we didn’t see the new Walt Disney animated film this weekend (although we heard it was good) – we didn’t have time with all the Christmas prep going on at our house!  “Tangled”, however, did define a good bit of our activity…

Oops! Our prelit tree lights went kaputt this year...it took Rolf all afternoon/evening to rewrap it with new lights! Rudy watched with great curiosity...


Rudy managed to roll his way around the living room a few times making quite a mess of his oxygen tube.


Max managed a more efficient and quick job of the outdoor lights lining our roof (he’s becoming quite an expert at hanging outdoor lights!) and we finished trimming the tree today after church so Christmas is finally in full swing here in the Geyling household.  Our festive weekend started at the annual holiday parade downtown on Friday night.  Olivia participated in the parade with her Girl Scout troop and Wilson marched with his school band.  Max was home from school all week with a fever and was thrilled to get out of the house for a bit to watch his sibs in their parade debut.  Rudy wasn’t too keen on the whole experience – too many people and too many loud sirens from participating fire trucks and police cars – but he did like all the lights!!

Our little snowflake!


Our little drummer boy!

We haven’t heard any news about the sleep study results.  Dr. Shapiro (UCLA ENT) and I talked on Monday. If Rudy did pass, it is unlikely we’ll pull the trach before the end of the year as she is booked solid.  So, we’ll wait patiently for things to unfold and enjoy the holidays while we wait.  There are a number of school activities and the Christmas Eve service to look forward to in addition to a weeklong pre-Christmas visit with Oma starting on Thursday!   We are holding our schedule loosely willing to jump into action if Dr. Shapiro should have a cancellation between now and New Years.  🙂  We’ll keep you posted.  Rudy sees Dr. Harake (SB Cardiologist) tomorrow for our last monthly appointment with him in 2010!  My, how time is rushing by…it makes my head spin sometimes.  🙂

Unpacking a "Rudy-safe" nativity scene!


"All done!"


We wish you a bright and festive Christmas Season!!

9 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. Sounds like a happy tangle of lots of Christmas fun!!! Wil you enjoy it to the Max with Oliv-the Rudy-ments of the Season! Trishing you a Merry Christmas and a Rolfing New Year!

  2. so fun! we saw Wilson and Olivia at the parade but missed the rest of you guys. Love the family picture 🙂

  3. I don’t know where you find the time to do all that you do. I love all of the photos. I bet the NY Giants beating up on the Redskins made Rolf forget all about the pain of those tangled Christmas tree lights. 🙂

  4. You all are the most precious, cutest family NOT residing between the Rockies and the Mississippi, I must say!!!

  5. Hey Rolf,

    Die Lichter gehoeren doch auf den Baum 😉

    Thank you for the sweet Christmas-Greetings.

    Seems like our Little “Tupper & ue-egg”-Package didn’t make it to you, sorry.

    Greetings from Vienna – we are enjoying a Christmas-weekend here – and Hallo to everyone,
    Yours Astrid & Wolfgang.

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