A Belated “Happy Thanksgiving”!

Today is a quick pit stop in Santa Barbara for me and Rudy sandwiched between a family visit to San Diego over the holiday and tonight’s sleep study at Children’s Hospital L.A.  It’s a quick turnaround but we’re thankful for our fun getaway and for the slot in the sleep lab that can often be tough to schedule. 

Shortly after Rudy’s heart cath, when it was determined we would not be heading into heart surgery, we decided a family trip was in order!  It just so happened that Max and Olivia won tickets to Sea World for the whole family at the Heart Walk and a school fundraiser so we were already primed and eager for a visit to San Diego.  We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving day with dear old friends from my years in San Diego who also happen to be Rudy’s godparents and then we spent the day at Sea World on Friday – a really fun way to usher in the holiday season.  It was a huge effort for such a quick trip but it was refreshing and restorative on many levels. 

Rudy's view of Shamu in action!
Rudy's TV celebrity siting!
Nothing says "Sea World" like Shamu-shaped pretzels!!
Watching big sibs ice skate- Fun, Fun!
Move over Evan Lysacek, here come the Geyling brothers!
Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!

I’ll be sure to post an update when we return from L.A.  I’m not sure what to expect tonight but I’m sure it will all go fine…not eager to battle the holiday traffic down the coast this afternoon but I have a nice stack of Christmas CDs to pass the time.  Thank you for praying for a successful sleep test for Rudy, our safe return and a good start to the post-holiday work and school week for Rolf and the big kids…it’s hard to go back to the routine after all the fun!  Holiday blessings to you all!!!

9 thoughts on “A Belated “Happy Thanksgiving”!

  1. So happy you all had a fun trip. So sorry i missed seeing you. Hope we’ll get another chance on your next trip down. Praying for a super outcome from the sleep study and safe driving. (hugs)

  2. So fun! Loved seeing you if ever so briefly this morning. We had some good encouragement by Pastor James today – to remember what God has done for us and LIVE in it. Blessings on the two of you this evening – I know God has good plans for you tonight. See you soon!

  3. Will pray for the sleep study(I need to catch up on it myself, but hopefully no one will be studying me, CREEPY!).

  4. I’m so glad that it looks like you all had a blast! Love that photo of Rudy in his “beanie”….too cute. Rolf looked precious with Elmo, too. 🙂 Love to you all!!!!

  5. I’m so bummed that we missed you, when you were here at Thanksgiving.
    Looks like you had a great time though!! I had a good time with my Mom(90 years old now!) and siblings and their spouses…relaxing!:) Miss you all..thanks too for the B-day card! What a blessing you are!

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