Birthday Eve…

You may have picked up that birthdays in the Geyling household tend to be celebrated over a “period of time” lasting longer than the 24 hours of one’s actual birthday.  So it shouldn’t seem odd that Rudy’s 2nd birthday celebration officially kicked off today at a party with Max’s class at La Patera Elementary.  What started out as a humorous suggestion by one of Max’s classmates on Monday turned into a classroom birthday bash today complete with pizza, veggies and…party favors!!!  A BIG thank you to Miss Grant and her class for their thoughtfulness (and to Brandon D. for the bday toast!).  We’re all about making special memories and today’s celebration is a good one to add to the list!  🙂

Fun with Miss Grant and Room 12!
Playing with a new toy on the eve of his 2nd birthday!

There’s quite a bit to be excited about right now…a fun visit with Grandma Jo, Rudy’s Birthday, SBRM’s annual fundraiser at Dos Pueblos Ranch THIS Saturday (so much fun), the Heart Walk coming up next weekend AND…football (both professional and Max’s YFL season)!  It doesn’t get much better than football in the fall…right Rudy?

Front row seat to all the action!
Big football watching boy!

 There’s certainly more fun to be had and we’ll post an “official” bday post tomorrow but unil then…thank you for sharing in the pre-bday fun with us and thank you for your significant role in Rudy’s success and progress…we wouldn’t be where we are without the countless prayers that have been offered on Rudy’s behalf!

Thank you, cousin Kaitlin, for the Rudy Rolls!! We'll deliver them on the 21st!!

16 thoughts on “Birthday Eve…

  1. Yeah Rudy, Happy B-day!!!! I can’t believe the big 2! You know Aunt Kelly did some shopping in your honor, so get ready to rip open some gifts. Can’t wait for the Heartwalk and Celebration! xoxo,K

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUDY! What a gift you have been to the world. May God’s goodness and grace continue to enfold you and your entire family as year two moves into year three. Sweet boy, have a sweet day.

  3. We miss Grandma Jo at our Thursday Bible Studies, but she is obviously right where she is supposed to be!
    Happy Birthday, Rudy!!

  4. Happy Birthday, BIG boy, and God’s Blessings !!!!
    We are so glad Grandma Jo can be with you on that special day.
    Bussi O+O

  5. We love you Rudy ..Happy Birthday, BIG boy, and God’s Blessings !!!!
    We are so glad Grandma Jo can be with you on that special day.
    Bussi O+O

  6. This is your birthday song it isn’t very long! Happy B-day Rudy! Good Luck in all the years to come! Good luck with the football Max!

  7. I can’t believe it is 2 years already. Happy Birthday, handsome, big boy! And a very Happy Birth Week celebration to the entire Geyling Clan! You have all added so much joy to so many lives, I can’t myself as one of the lucky ones to be your friend.

  8. Holy cow! I can’t believe 2 already. Where did the time go! It seems like just yesterday we were decorating our hospital rooms for Halloween and now Rudy Patoodi is 2! Im sittin here shakin my head because he’s come a long way and we are all so proud. Go Rudy Go!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us. Big kisses and even bigger hugs!!

  9. Happy First Birthday Rudy! Wish we could join in the birthday celebrations with you! Thinking of you on this very special day and loving you from Indy!

  10. Happy Birthday, Rudy!!! Be blessed Little One even as you are a Blessing to all of us!! Big Hugs and Love from your Kansas Cousins!!

  11. Happy #2 birthday Rudy, what a joy you are to every one that knows and loves you..Grandma Jo tells me how fun you are and how big you are getting, glad she is there for your party. You make everyone happy!!

  12. The Geyling household is a jumpin’ place–always something fun is going on! Each one in this amazing family is involved in a routine that amazes me. Not one of the Geyling’s miss a beat in their daily duties. What a blessing to be the pampered Grandma who watches it all with great pride. Thanks, dear ones and Happy Birthday sweet Rudy!

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