Finally!!! It’s Official…

…the Christmas season is upon us!  

The outdoor lights are hung…

A little shopping has been done…

And holiday haircuts are checked off the “to do” list…

It’s time to celebrate!!  The presence of Jesus in the life of our family has not been more apparent or meaningful to us than in the past year and a half and we are particularly grateful to be starting this advent season home together under one roof among the sights, sounds and smells of the season that are familiar and comfortable.  It’s fun for all of us to watch Rudy experience Christmas at home for the first time…he has an army of nutcrackers watching over him on the shelf above his day crib that he can’t keep his eyes off of…and the bright lights of the Christmas tree are equally mesmerizing.  All the festivities surrounding Christmas may be new to Rudy but I think he already gets the reason behind the season.  In part, because I think his guardian angels must have filled him in.  I might have shared this story before but about this time last year, Rolf and I transitioned to taking turns at Rudy’s bedside.  I would be at UCLA Mon.-Fri. and Rolf would be with Rudy on Saturdays and Sundays.  I remember being heartbroken on Fridays when I had to leave Rudy by himself until Daddy arrived early Saturday morning.  To make it a little easier on myself, I envisioned Rudy’s room filled with an army of angels when I left on Friday and when I returned on Monday, I’d ask him about the stories the angels told him…”Did they tell you about Noah and his crazy high sea adventures?…Or about Joseph and his coat of many beautiful colors?…Surely they told you about how Jesus came to earth as a little baby just like you?…Or how he grew and performed many miracles just as He’s doing in you right now!”.  I’m sure Rudy’s angels kept him entertained with all kinds of wonderful stories all leading to the same message…”Jesus loves you Rudy”.  

The other reason I believe Rudy “gets it” this season is because I think a baby like Rudy doesn’t go through a journey like this without a visit or two from the big guy himself!  How many times did Jesus come to bring comfort or, on some days, physical life itself through the care-givers and special visitors that were put in Rudy’s path…countless times, I imagine, which is why I believe Rudy is very familiar with Jesus…intimately aware of the miracle of His presence.  Rudy may not be old enough to articulate it but he is LIVING it and that is my prayer for this Christmas season…that all the joys of the season be deeply rooted in the knowlege that Christ’s presence brings hope, miracles, life, comfort and peace to a weary heart and that by embracing that reality, the weary heart is transformed!  That said, Blessed Advent dear ones!  Jesus loves you too!  🙂

Joy, Joy, Joy…

P.S.  Rudy turned 14 months old yesterday which means he has been home for 7 months–the same amount of time he was in the hospital!!!  Considering some wondered whether or not we could have him home for six weeks, this is remarkable.  JOY, JOY, JOY

16 thoughts on “Finally!!! It’s Official…

  1. That was JOY JOY JOY to see Rudy in his cool sit-chair….so obviously enjoying his world around him! What a gift!

  2. I am so happy for your family to have Rudy at home for CHristmas. It was magic for us last year with Logan and those memories gave me a smile. Thank you.

  3. Oh my, too wonderful for words. Thanks so much for the great pictures and the sweet video. I do believe he is keeping time there – another musician in the family. And I am now officially embarrassed by my lack of Christmas decor. Plan to work on that this weekend…Have a lovely holiday time, rejoicing in God’s goodness and the joy of being together.

  4. What a beautiful video. I am sure that Rudy is surrounded by angels, both the heavenly type and the earthly kind called family! Hoping you all have a great holiday!

  5. Praise God for all the miracles He has performed this year on Rudy’s behalf
    and each member of the Geyling household! He is sooooo faithful!!! I really
    like the image you gave of angels all around Rudy on Fridays….we need to have that image on our minds for each of us ALL the time! God Bless

  6. That video is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I’m a big believer that hlhs kids have personal armies of guardian angels. I’ve seen them in action in Garrett’s life many many times.


  7. I was waiting for Rudy’s smile, when he smiles; I smile{glad no one is watching while I sit at the computer}, great way to end my day, thanks, Nick’s Grandma

  8. That was the best gift for this advent season. Thanks you for sharing the snow globe video Trish. Have a wonderful Christmas season at home with all of your loved ones.

  9. I love, love loved this message! Thanks so much for your encouragement, even if it wasn’t intentional =)
    Happy Birthday Jesus and God bless the Geylings!

  10. You have truly touched my day with your story’s of angel’s. I so beleive right a long with you. Trish I can picture you telling Rudy the Story’s and it has brought happy tears to my eyes…I love you my friend…You are so very special.

  11. YOU GUYS are an INSPIRATION TO ME!! Thank you so much for sharing your story of the angels! SO happy you are HOME to celebrate the Christmas season. I love seeing the sparkle in each of your eyes in the wonderful photos! Merry Christmas and Joy to you! Hugs and Love, Lisa and the Borkovich Boys

  12. that was the sweetest video…of Rudy and the voices of the other little geylings as well! merry merry merry christmas to you!!!

  13. Another sweet story to remind us of how blessed we are to have you, Rudy, and to be a part of your life even when we cannot be physically present with all of you. Our hearts burst with love for you and your special family. Enjoy this advent season as we all give thanks for each other and for God’s extravagant grace extended to our family. Merry Christmas, sweethearts! We love you MORE!

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