Rudy At Play

We saw Dr. Harake yesterday (SB Cardiologist) and he was pleased with the Pulmonologist’s report from Tuesday.  Rudy’s echo looked sound as well so this has been a good week for our little man.  Dr. Harake still feels we have some time before the Glenn…we get the impression from the UCLA team that they would like to move forward so, at this point, we’re going to let all parties discuss the situation and come up with a plan.  As much as we would love to get the Glenn over with, we trust the professionals to come up with a plan best for Rudy.


In the midst of all the doctor appointments this week,  we did have time to catch Rudy on video doing what he does best…being cute…

Rudy’s therapist wants Rudy sitting up more and, thankfully, he is tolerating it more and more…it used to be that he couldn’t sit up more than a few minutes but this week he sat comfortably for 15 minutes!!!  Rudy enjoyed some “sibling therapy” while practicing sitting up earlier this week…

And then my two hams wanted to teach Rudy one of our old family favorites…

Later that day, Wilson had time to love on the big “sittin’ up” boy…

As always, one day at a time…

11 thoughts on “Rudy At Play

  1. What a squirmy little wormie…..bizzy fingers too…..what a change!

    ….and that barnyard promenade -I think just might replace my Sound of Music Fetish….you even got Julie Andrews to narrate….!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, friends–

    That was too much fun. I think Rudy was tapping his rattle (?) in time to the Barnyard Dance music for a while. Check it out! And Maxi and Olivia were great. All four are cute (and talented) as can be. Thanks for making the effort to do what still seems to me to be total technological magic so I (when I can figure out how–yikes) can see these cuties myself!

    Great news about Rudy’s good health!

    Love you all–Susie

  3. Someone has taken some time out for a bit of Zombieland, as I read the news. Glad to see Rudi sitting up and taking notice. How fortunate he is to have loving brothers and sisters. His smile as always, bouys up the saggiest mooring line.

  4. thank you for sharing, always love to see him smiling…….his eyes say it all…….love him, Nick’s Grandma

  5. When we first moved to Kansas we gave you five years to move here. You are way overdue. Just think, then we could see you every day. Since that isn’t possible, thank you for Rudy’s Beat. Our little munchkins are growing up but I’m glad to see they still like to perform and give kisses.

    We notice the positive changes in your activity, Rudy. Keep on working out!

    Love to all…………………..xoxox

  6. finally had time to watch the rest of the videos(since my 90 yr. old Dad came last Thur. from rehab to stay with us) loved the barnyard dance, think Rudy did too, could see his arms moving, also trying to look behind, ha……..also: yes, Rudy you are a special boy, as we tell all our grandkids, how spcial they are; as one out of 3 boys does not have a zipper; as sometimes questions Why he doesn’t. Nick’s Grandma

  7. So…am I to assume from this little dancing festivity that OLIVIA is the barnyard dog??? Nah…I don’t think so – she’s way too cute! Thanks for these charming posts – they have buoyed my spirits in the middle of a tough week. Lost my youngest brother suddenly last week after a very hard life and am still reeling and wounded. I’m so grateful for the signs of LIFE in these video snippets. Love to all the performers – and the camera lady and kibbutzer on the side as well.


  8. Loved the videos…but I wish I could read his mind as he was checking out big brother Wilson…not sure he knows what to think!! Glad all is going well!

  9. Awsome and unbelievable! Always a sheer joy to catch up on the post. Looking forward to seeing you all again when the time is right.

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