OK to Go!!!

Rudy's scalp IV
Rudy's scalp IV


Rudy had a stable night and is back on track with his feeds and meds this morning so we are good to go home.  Rolf had the presence of mind to pack the car with 2 tanks of oxygen “just in case” so I have enough oxygen to get Rudy home…we’re just waiting right now for arrangements to be made to get the rest of the home set-up delivered to the house sometime today.  Once that is confirmed, we can load up and hit the road before afternoon traffic!!!  It has been great to connect with our buddies here at UCLA but Rudy and I are thrilled our stay has been a short stop in the CTICU/PICU!!  We’re excited to head home and join in the “last day of school” fun with the big kids.  Summer is upon us…YIPPY!!!!

18 thoughts on “OK to Go!!!

  1. So glad to hear you guys are going to go home. I am looking forward to the 12th so I can hopefully hold the little pudding boy. Prayers for you all day my friends.

  2. Hey it is great that Rudy was able to go home! Nicole heard Trish out in the hallway and tried to stop her before she went home. She was bummed that she missed her. Thanks for the link to the website… we look forward to hearing more about Rudy as the YEARS progress!

  3. Nick had a hospital binky{his pasey for a long time,then cut the nipple and it was his pasey holder}, Rudy is looking good, good news…..on your way home, Nick’s Grandma

  4. Fantastic!! Ouchie to his hand where they tried to get the IV starts!! Hope your drive was safe.

  5. Glad to hear you broke out! Enjoy the beginning of summer vacation! We’re still waiting a few weeks for ours!

  6. Hi Rolf and Trish, So glad summer is upon you and Rudy will be able to wait for the Glen!! What things is he able to do now? Is he holding things? Rolling over? I think you said he has home physical therapy, right? How is that going? Wish I could join you for the big party and prayer time on the 12th but Africa is just too far away.

  7. So glad to hear this hospital visit was indeed a short one. Enjoy the start of your summer together. The kids out here still have 2-3 weeks of school left! I get out on the 23rd – 2 days AFTER the start of summer on the calendar. At least the weather hasn’t been too hot yet. Will continue to pray for all of you.

  8. I am so happy that this stay is a short one – but I gotta tell you, that latest picture just speaks volumes. Such a look! ENOUGH with the poking and prodding and needles everywhere. This is a smart boy and he KNOWS that home is a heckuva lot better than this place where he ends up hurting somewhere every time he comes through the doors. Sigh. Soon that look of hurt/fear/sadness will be replaced with the lovely contented half-smile of two days ago! Oh my, what a road he (and you) must walk. So happy for you – yet so sorry that this is your reality. Love you even though I’ve never met you!

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