Tender Mercies

     ‘Woke up this morning praising God for the cooler temps and the thick layer of fog that rolled in late last night and pushed the fire back up the hill away from Santa Barbara proper.  His mercies are new every morning…and I’m grateful for the relief today.  Praying, now, that this window of relief will be long enough to allow the fire crews to get the upper hand.

     Rudy is sleeping and comfortable,  Rolf and the kids got all dolled up (see pic below) to go to Westmont College’s graduation this morning (Congrats Nina, Joe and Becca!!) and I’m holding down the fort here at home with Rudy.   Thanks, again, for your prayers and concern! 

May 9 001

17 thoughts on “Tender Mercies

  1. Hello, cute children! Rudy looks great! Yay, Rudy! Praying with you for progress in fighting the fires.

  2. Rudy–you ARE growing! We are so proud of this picture of the Geyling grandkids…..you are all sweet as ever and how we do love you, MORE!

    We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow on Mother’s Day. Your mommie will be “bustin’ her buttons”. Too bad you can’t do a parade down State Street but that can wait for a clearer day.

  3. Now this is one moment to cherish…it’s not often that you can get all four children dressed up and happy! Continued prayers for all!

  4. Praising the Lord for His protection and wishing you a most blessed Mother’s Day.

    Laurette Connelly

  5. oh my….what a beautiful bunch of kids! a blessed Mothers’ Day to you, Trish.
    xoxo love and prayers, Linda

  6. How handsome you all look! Happy Mother’s Day and much love to you all.
    Andrea, Maya, Kyra

  7. WOW! Love this photo! Everyone looking so smart in their nice church clothes… Have a super Mother’s Day!!! We know you will have a great time celebrating all TOGETHER and at home!!!! Much Love Always, Lisa, Paul, George and Nick

  8. Love, love the picture of the children. Happy Mother’s Day Trish, and love to your whole family.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day Trish! The picture is, picture perfect! Sermon today was, “God is in control and there is a happy ending.” Love, Cousin Dianna

  10. Thank the good Lord for that marine layer! Hey, that’s a good looking tribe right there, hope all had fun at the graduation. Hope you are getting spoiled today Trish because you definitely deserve it, sista!!!!

  11. This picture is too precious!!! Praise God for the cooler temperature, and a HUGE HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU TRISH!!! So well deserved for the incredible journey you have been through!

    God bless you!

  12. Trish…I have been gone and just returned.I am so pleased that you are all at home again where you belong.HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I f you are not MOTHER OF THE YEAR I do not know who is!Much love….Donna

  13. I agree wholeheartedly with Donna…you ARE mother of the year…your kids are so blessed to have you be their mom. (And how darling they look all ‘dolled up’!)

    I miss you all, and I’ll look forward to seeing you again next week.

    Love you!


  14. From an artist mommy to both of you…..you really make beautiful children. There is nothing as miraculously beautiful as children; esp. one’s own. Congratulations on the immense looks of love & joy on your children’s faces. You are doing it right. God bless you all…and remember “a merry heart is good medicine”. Our family’s other favorite scripture/staff/life motto, along with “the joy of the Lord is my strength” and strength and strength and JOY. God is LOVE…one of His other names is JOY….deeply rooted and different from happiness which is due to earthly circumstances. Joy is eternal, because it is a part of love, which is our Beloved.

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