Rudy’s First Fine-dining Experience…


…or, as Rolf likes to call it, our kitchen!  We all loaded into our car for the first time as a family of 6 and made our way to our Sunday tradition…In ‘n Out!!!  Since it is our family’s favorite, we figured it was about time Rudy experienced it.  It was, however, a bit overwhelming for him…he was pretty grumpy all throughout dinner and the minute we walked outside, he relaxed in my arms.  I guess a place like that does take some getting used to.  He wore himself out and fell asleep shortly after we got home.  Everyone else is tucked comfortably in bed after a full day of swimming fun…YES, it was hot enough to swim so today marked the official opening of our pool this season.  It’s supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow and the kids have already asked if they can go swimming again after school…I smell summer comin’.  Rudy experienced a number of new sights and sounds today…I wonder what his little mind is thinking?

Tuckered Out
Tuckered Out




13 thoughts on “Rudy’s First Fine-dining Experience…

  1. That is so darn cute! I could tell Rudy really wanted a nibble of that burger…
    Our Sunday was awesome too…getting things cleaned up and ready for summer. It was so hot here…I think we’ll be visiting your pool at least once this summer.
    Have an awesome week you cuties!

  2. I bet Rudy was mad he has not be able to eat french fries yet. Or did he??? It was 111 here in San Diego today so we are with you in this heat wave. Glad you were able to go out with the whole crew. Go Rudy…enjoy all of your new experiances we are all still prayng for you and your family. Hugs and kisses to all.

  3. bet you felt just about like the kids, worn out…..but ….bet you have felt that way the last 6 months…….guess parents are like that energizer bunny……prayers for strength and lots of good days……Nick’s Grandma

  4. Maybe he was grumpy because he could not have a big bite of the wonderful-looking hamburger! So glad all of you are experiencing “normal activities” as a family again. Still praying for all of you!

  5. I’m Logan Elliott’s grandma from UCLA and I wanted to share your joy in having Rudy home. What a blessing! After so many hills to climb and prayers said, I am beyond happy for you and the family. May Rudy continue to flourish under your loving care and God grace all of you with peace and contentment!

  6. Nothing better than In-N-Out! I wish we had them here in Kansas! I am just as jealous as Rudy of everybody else getting a burger! I’m on your side, Rudy!

  7. No, Rudy knows he gets liquid gold–the absolute best for every meal! He doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about when he gets the best already. So great to see him at home and all the wonderful family activities. Love all the photos. I miss him on my nightly rounds of the PICU.
    Nurse Joyce

  8. Hey Rudy & gang, that is how I look after a In-N-Out Burger!

    Loving life as a family – so good to see.

  9. The best hamburger for the best family. Can’t say we eat hamburgers anywhere else either. Love the regular family life pictures. Love, Cousin Dianna

  10. I love that shot of Rudy. That is classic. Don’t worry Trish, soon enough he’ll relize that In N Out will be like his second home and he’ll be happy as a clam to be there. 🙂

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