Slumber Party

‘Working on a longer update that I’ll post tomorrow but I couldn’t let this precious scene pass by without documentation…Rudy experienced the view from Olivia’s top bunk this evening.  We’re not quite sure what HE thought of the whole thing but big sis Olivia was thrilled.  Our adjustment continues but we are blessed in the process…Thank you for your prayers!

Fun with Big Sis
Fun with Big Sis
Bedtime Lovin'
Bedtime Lovin'




15 thoughts on “Slumber Party

  1. Great fun! My kids are not even allowed on the top bunk and they are Way older than Rudy. Way to go adventure boy. Sleep well.

  2. precious…….so much lovin going on……..Nick celebrated his 10th yesterday……he has a loft bed……that grandma has bumped her head on……don’t think I look quite as good as Rudy and sis…….but a lot of lovin going on when I am up there……hope I can put a smile on your face …………..peace and prayers……..Nick’s Grandma

  3. I was just thinking this morning about Wilson, Max and Olivia and what it was like for them to have you all home together. I’m sure they are adjusting right along with you, Rolf and Trish. Pryaing that the new normal will continue to become natural for you all. Love you!

  4. How wonderful it is for Rudy to be experiencing “normal” at-home things that new babies experience. I am sure he senses that he is part of the family now–in a whole new way! Praying for all of you!

  5. How cool is that. It was wonderful to be able to meet Rudy yesterday and to hold him for awhile. He is too precious and cute and I loved it!

  6. My day hadn’t been all the best, until I stopped by here. Thanks to all of you for sharing the highs and lows of Rudy’s journey. I never know what to expect, but now the lad is home, seems like the sky is butterflies and rainbows.

  7. Hold these pictures in your heart and mind as well as on this blog, Trish. These are the moments to treasure – the ones that almost slip by us while we’re busy being busy. Thank you for stopping to look with eyes of love at two of your children and for sharing that look with the rest of us. Sleep tight.


  8. Wow….this makes the weeks and months of prayer and concern and hand wringing worth it! How incredibly blessed we are that you share such sweet and tender family moments with us all!

    Rudy, you love your big sister! Look at you so happy up on her bunk!! And look at you growing bigger and stronger!! Rudy, you are doing so great, Little One!!

    Much Love!!

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