Happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2009
Happy Easter 2009

We end this beautiful Easter Sunday with the three older chicks nestled in their beds and the littlest chick nestled on Daddy’s lap.  We celebrate our Risen Lord today so thankful for the presence of hope in our lives because of His sacrifice…

We had a good weekend.  Rolf and the boys gave some much-needed attention to our yard yesterday afternoon and it felt good to get some chores done that are long past due.  Rolf and the kids went to an outdoor Easter service this morning while Rudy and I celebrated at home.  We enjoyed a low-key afternoon and our first grilled steak dinner of the season with a good friend this evening.  Rolf loved being home on a weekend for a change and I love that I’m not scurrying around this evening getting my bags packed for another week at the hospital.  Rudy is doing well…no fever since Friday and very calm when his tummy is full and his diaper is dry…we’ve experienced a good dose of “normal” this weekend and it does the soul good.  Wilson gave his first bottle to Rudy,  Max changed his first diaper and Olivia is quick to supply Rudy with many kisses so eventhough we’re all challenged at times with the many adjustments we’re making, love for Rudy by all is quite evident.  ‘Wishing you love and peace this evening!  Happy Easter…












17 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy EASTER, my friends!!!
    So glad to hear that things have gone fairly calmly at home!
    I’m So thankful that we had the gift of seeing you all and your
    home so we can envision you, your home and situation in
    our prayers for you. God bless and enjoy the simple moments!
    Much love, Ann for the clan

  2. Bless all of you, good way to start my day……to hear you had a good weekend…..Our Nick will be 10 on Wed., and we thank God everyday …….for all we have……our 3 other grandchildren and Nick are the love of our LIFE, Dawn’s Mom

  3. Someday that boy is gonna look back at all these pictures and say, “Really, Mom, did you have to?” But we sure do enjoy the marking of each milestone and celebration in your family’s journey.

    Blessings to all! Have a wonderful week!

    PS – nice to see Rudy’s hair tamed a bit!!

  4. How precious he is in his bunny ears! So wonderful that he is finally surrounded by his loving siblings in his own home.

    Easter Blessings to the whole family-we are so happy for you!

  5. Glad things are calming down. So many changes and as always you both are awesome examples of what we do when the trials of life come. Big blessings your way.

  6. BLESSED RESURRECTION DAY TO YOU ALL! It pleases our family to see your family enjoying the simple things together, although we know the tasks you take with Rudy are more than the norm. Rudy, you are certainly surrounded with love. What fun you will have with your siblings. God has blessed you so much. Continued blessings under HIS wings. Love, Cousin Dianna

  7. Such great news. During our prayer time last week at the Fuller Directors meeting, Karla prayed for all of you and that your homecoming would be what you just described. God is so faithful!

  8. I just caught up on Rudy’s progress since returning from my vacation. His picture with the bunny ears is the one you will drag out to show a girlfriend or to make part of his high school graduation slide show. I was in tears watching his leaving the hospital slide show. Nice to see you all made it through a Rudyspell – the best explanation remains – it is just Rudy !!!

  9. He is risen indeed!!! So glad he is home…I’ve gained two pounds in celebration. Wish I could share with him. xxooR

  10. Wow! It is so so wonderful to see and hear “normal”… I know it’s probably still a far cry from total normalcy… but so happy for you that you are all together! Yeah! How much does Rudy weigh?

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