How Many Trips to the Car Can We Make?

No, I think the better question is…”How much stuff can one baby accumulate in 6 months?”.  The answer is…ALOT!  After 3 trips with the wagon, I’m really thankful Rolf has a large truck bed because we’re filling every inch.  It’s 11:30am – Rolf ran down to the pharmacy to get Rudy’s meds, Rudy is testing his car seat to make sure he can tolerate a long ride in it and I’m finishing packing up his room.  We’ve had a constant stream of nurse and doctor friends come in to say goodbye but it doesn’t feel rushed or overwhelming which is nice…It has been a calm, comfortable day so far.  We hope to hit the road no later than 2pm today which will put us in SB around 4pm.  We’ll meet the home care nurse at our house at that time and then we’ll get him settled with the help of the nurse as she has to check and make sure everything is assembled and working properly.  He has a feeding pump and poll, a mister-thingy to humidify the air he breathes through his trach and the suction machine…pretty managable.  Our friend Greg is coming to document the trip in pictures so be sure to look for the pics soon…Bless you all!!!

13 thoughts on “How Many Trips to the Car Can We Make?

  1. Praise God for all of the answered prayer. So happy that Rudy is on his way home!!! Love the Sanders family OXOXOX

  2. Yeah!!!!!! Have a safe trip home. Can’t wait to see Rudy in his own room.
    Prayers are with you.

  3. Praise God! This is truly the miracle we all have been praying for! Hold on tight during the trip, Rudy! See you at home!

  4. Praising God with you all. I am glad I checked the blog today. We will be earnestly praying for you and the trip home. Sara is my little faithful prayer as I told her the other night we needed to pray for baby Rudy and she said “and Trish”! Love, Ann

  5. Okay so Cousin Dianna is doing the “Rudy’s going home dance”, right now. Good thing there is no one here at work to video this. ha! Just a little bit of the ” Running Man”, now a little bit of the “John Travolta”, (Saturday Night Fever era) Yahoo! Hallelujah! Love your nutty cousin, Dianna

  6. So excited that Rudy is coming home!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help… Hugs, Becky

  7. I am so happy that Rudy is finally going HOME! So so happy that he is on his way home!!! Lots of Love m, Liz

  8. I’m feeling it! (sniff), I can’t believe he’s at home…can’t wait to see the pics and love the idea of him having three trucks full of stuff. He’ll be so at home with all of it around him. Hope you’re having a lot of fun with him…his first car ride too!

  9. Dear Trish-
    So-ooooo glad your trip home finally happened. Praying the angels surround you and the family with love-filled peaceful days. Alleluia !!
    Stephanie M.
    P.S. Happy Birthday to Wilson !! Hope he had a great day. How proud I was to read that he had been in the spelling bee!!! Makes a teacher smile :).

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