Happy 6-month Birthday Rudy!

Rudy and his sibs at 26 weeks!
Rudy and his sibs at 26 weeks!

Today is April 1st and we have been at UCLA for exactly half a year.  I think about where we were at this moment 6 months ago… Rolf and I were going into the NICU to see Rudy for the first time since his birth 6 hours earlier.  He was intubated and sedated, sleeping peacefully next to his new teddy bear.  I remember thinking how precious it was that his nurse put matching I.D. anklets on Rudy and his bear.  He was a perfect pink and his body was untouched.  I’m so glad Rolf and I had no idea what was to come…I sure wouldn’t want to relive the past 6 months but I am thankful for where it all has brought us today…on the verge of bringing Rudy home.  The miracle of his homecoming is within reach and we are READY.  As I mentioned yesterday, please pray that no new infection (or bug of any kind) will develop as that would put any plan to discharge Rudy on hold.  It would also be helpful to us if an actual plan for discharge can be established.  There are differing views among the team of doctors following Rudy’s treatment about the specifics of his discharge so we pray for a definitive plan…of course, we hope it is sooner rather than later if it’s safe for Rudy.  There is certainly a fair amount of fear and apprehension about bringing him home and taking over all his care on our own, but the positives in having him home far outweigh any insecurity we may feel…the reality is an extra week or two in the hospital won’t make me feel any more prepared or ready for the road ahead.  My heart and mind are ready to get started on the adjustments here at home  Go, Rudy, Go…you’ve come so far already – you’re almost home!

October 1, 2008
October 1, 2008

19 thoughts on “Happy 6-month Birthday Rudy!

  1. Wow what a journey. Its so amazing the strength this little man has. I will always be in awe of him. He and Logan will be good friends in the future. We are truly lucky to have each other and our boys. I am soooo looking forward to birthday parties with our families. Go Rudy Go and Happy 6th month Birthday!!!

  2. praying for Rudy to get home….and get those rosey cheeks like his brothers and sisters………looking good…..prayers, Nick’s Grandma

  3. Olivia is SO prouf of her little brother ! It is great to see them all together !
    keep stong, Rudy !!

  4. Happy 6 month birthday Rudy! You are lookin’ SO good! Continued prayers for no new infections and a smooth trip home in the near future. What a great picture with your brothers and sister. Boy, are you going to have fun with them! Love, Cousin Dianna

  5. Rudy, I am so happy to know you! I am praying that you’ll be ready to be home to enjoy some sweet times in Santa Barbara with your family. Wait til you see your cute crib and dresser! We just love your family so much and love you too!

  6. Happy 6month Birthday!!! Praying that you are home for your 7month Birthday. You GO RUDY!!!!! Love getting the pictures of the whole family. It was good seeing them again. Take care and God Bless.

  7. I can’t believe how close you all are to getting out of here! I’m not at back until April 17th, so I probably won’t even see you. Wish I had gotten a chance to stop by and say goodbye. But we’ll see you for the Glenn (hopefully a short-stay). This WILL be your complication free heart surgery 🙂
    ~Emily Van Voorhis

  8. Amen, to that last one. Congrats all around, deep thanksgiving to God for his mercy in the midst of so much pain and terror. Prayers continue for Rudy to remain free from infection/complication and for a rich and wonderful home experience for all of you. You will all be champs at this – it is stunning how quickly overwhelmingly frightening issues of personal and medical care can become downright routine. That’s where I pray you are headed. Many blessings as you keep moving toward that wonderful goal.

  9. Happy 1/2 birthday Rudy! I’m planning on having 3 scoops of ice cream to celebrate your homecoming. Let me know when we can have a meal together! xoR

  10. Another WOW! Six months! HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY, RUDY!! Way to go, little buddy!

    I’m sure you guys are really looking forward to having your entire family under one roof again. I’m so excited for you all!

    Rudy is a tough little guy! I am so glad to be on your “prayer team” and watch his amazing progress. God is Good!

    Much Love!

  11. Hey Geylings,

    It’s amazing what the Geylings have accomplished in 6 months:

    Rudy’s earned a gold medal in sprints.

    The kids have earned merit badges for first aid, orienteering (all their road trips) and creative art (I’ve seen the drawings and collages all over Rudy’s room) and

    Mom and Dad have earned honorary doctorates in pediatric care (you both throw around medical terms and abbreviations like pros)!

    You all are amazing and we’re praying for you.

    With love,

    The Zovaks

  12. Wow! What a journey and what troopers to all the Geylings. God bless all the prayers and the wonderful team of doctors, nurses and staff! Although Mattel UCLA rocks, I have to say GOD IS GREATER!!!

    Go Rudy!!! You are thisclose to going home and having your first major Easter celebration! Amen!


  13. What sheer joy in the eyes of those 3 siblings! Light at the end of this tunnel and a cute baby brother too. Love you all, Aunt Cora

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