A Couple More “Goodbyes”…

Bottle time with Mommy
Bottle time with Mommy











I made it home safely this afternoon but before I left UCLA, Rudy and I had a little bottle-time.  He continues to do well with the sucking and swallowing but the big adjustment for him is tolerating any volume more than 1 oz at a time in his stomach.  Because he is on continual feeds getting 1 oz. a hour, he isn’t used to getting larger volumes all at once.  He’ll continue to get bottle feeds intermittently to allow him to practice oral feeds but he will also continue to get feeds through his g-tube.  One reason for this is to help conserve Rudy’s energy before his next surgery.  Oral feeds require more energy making his heart work harder so, for now, the g-tube will remain. 

The jp-tube, however, was removed today!  After 24 hours on breastmilk, there continued to be no drainage from the stomach cavity into the tube so we were able to say goodbye to another line and potential source of infection.  The next and last line to be removed is Rudy’s sub-clavian picc through which he is getting his meds.  Gradually, they’ll transition Rudy’s IV meds to oral meds (or in Rudy’s case, through his g-tube) so they can remove that line before we go home. 

Speaking of “goodbyes”,  RT J-Way,  Nurse Sam and I kissed the vent goodbye late last night!   His breathing continues to be strong and steady.  PTL!


Rolf will head down tomorrow to spend the weekend with Rudy…the kids and I will join them late Sunday or early Monday.  The kids are excited about Rudy’s progress and all our talk of bringing him home.  We’re all excited but also not quite believing it’s true!!!  It’s all a little hard to comprehend.

21 thoughts on “A Couple More “Goodbyes”…

  1. What a wonderful way to wake up this Saturday! I am so happy to hear all this news…

    Continued prayers from CT

  2. It will all be real when you get to take that magical elevator ride!!!
    We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. my daughter beats me to it again…….you know those kids……they always enjoy beating their parents………at any age……….on a serious, but happy note……pray for things to continue to go well, peace……Dawn’s Mom

  4. What a sparkling Trish, the joy of holding and feeding your child after all this time.
    Good bye jp drain !!!!!!!
    Praying that all will continue to progress. Kisses to all. Oma

  5. Continued prayers for more and more progress with “our” Rudy! I feel like he is a part of my life now. Strange how connected I have gotten through your wonderful blog–and also through Oma.

  6. Pat’s comment echos my feelings and is such a vivid example of how we are all connected as the Body of Christ. The joys and sorrows of life are shared by each of us in His love. We wil all rejoice with you when you take that long awaited elevator ride!

  7. Go Rudy, Go! Hope it’s a wonderful weekend with the family and that the trip outside gets to happen. Can’t wait to meet you, Rudy, when you get home. ❤ Becky

  8. We are so happy for Rudy…all three of my kids watched the video of him getting his first bottle and were so pleased. Cruz said, “Rudy is OUR Rudy”. I think that sums up how all of us who follow Rudy’s life feel. We love our Rudy! Will be praying for that homecoming.

  9. Such great news. Go Rudy. Can’t wait for him to get his elevator ride with you & Rolf. Praying for continued progress.

  10. Sounds like that elevator ride is getting closer and closer….how exciting!! Keep up the good eatin’ and digestin’ Rudy!!! We’re thankful that all is progressing in such a great fashion and will keep praying for more of the same.

    We love you all!! Enjoy spring break!!

  11. The updates this week have been great. Rudy seems to enjoy that bottle, so much better than a feeding tube. It’s such a hopeful sign for the real thing. He’s string of beads must be growing long.

  12. Wow, wow, double wow and wow. Thanks for this great news at the start of a beautiful weekend. And thanks for the explanation about the g-tube – makes sense. We’ve had a lot of g-tube experience in our family, but with adults so I’m learning right along with you. Blessings, laughter, sunshine and joy for all six of you this weekend!


  13. Dear Trish & Rolf
    Congratulation on your new baby boy, Rudy. And thanks for this web site. And thanks for sharing your family during this special time in you life.
    We just found out about all of this from Susie, and I’m so glad we did.
    You all are in our thoughts and in our prayers. And hope everything continues to improve.
    Take Care & God Bless

  14. Wow. Wow. WOW!!! RUDY!!!! This is SO exciting! PTL is RIGHT!!!

    What wonderful answers to prayers! This is such joyful news, and we are so happy for you all!

    Much Love!

  15. WOW! It is wonderful to see Rudy looking up at you while he is taking his bottle! This is such great news! So many wonderful things to read about! The bottle, nod drain and no vent! All of us here in the Hauck Borkovich home are overjoyed for you. Our prayers continue as always for you. Much Love from Us

  16. Fantastic!!! May you all have a great time together this week, while the kids have a break from school!

    Still praying here–and smling from ear to ear!

  17. Fantastic!!! May you all have a great time together this week, while the kids have a break from school!

    Still praying here–and smiling from ear to ear!

  18. Adios vent. A big “baby step” forward. Go Rudy, go.

    Great pictures. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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