Honorary Member of Brownie Troop #50649?

Your Happy Girl Scout Cookie Supplier!
Your Happy Girl Scout Cookie Supplier!

I know Rudy is the wrong gender but he should be recognized as a honorary member of his big sister’s Girl Scout Brownie Troop because he has sold more cookies than the average girl scout!  Ha   Most of the activity in Rudy’s room today was various hospital staff in search of a yummy afternoon snack…and Rudy & I were more than happy to help meet that need with the stash of classic girl scout cookie favorites we have piled up in our room.  We’re probably violating some PICU policy but it has been a productive day of sales!  Ha Ha   A big thank you to all our friends and family both near and far who helped to make this year’s cookie campaign a smashing success…

Thank You!
Thank You!

It’s hard to believe it’s Thursday already…this week has flown by.  Rudy had another calm day for the most part.  He did have several episodes this afternoon when his heart rate dropped significantly, popped back up and then dropped again.  His issue is usually a high heart rate so this was a little concerning at first.  They ran a blood test and determined his electrolytes were low so he’s being treated with potassium and magnesium.  Rudy was doing really well with his 2-hour trach collar sprints earlier today but because of his low heart rate, his last sprint was cut short so he’ll start back up again in the morning.  His heart rate is still a little low but he looks comfortable and his color is good.  For now, Rudy is comfortably sitting in his vibrating, bouncey chair looking forward to a visit from aunt Cora (flying in from Alabama) tomorrow.  Fun…Fun! 





11 thoughts on “Honorary Member of Brownie Troop #50649?

  1. Precious Rudy has 35 8th graders praying for him from Sacred Heart school in L.A. They all received their beautiful blue bracelets this morning. I shared about his wonderful family and about Rudy. Hugs.

  2. Go Rudy! Great job, Olivia! Way to manage both your son’s care in the PICU while raising money for the Brownie troop, Trish. You never cease to amaze me! I think I’ll have a GS cookie today (we sold them too) in Rudy’s name as well as prayers for all of you! Love you!

  3. I want a GS cookie!! Nobody sold them in Pine Valley. 😦

    Rudy looks so angelic in those pictures….angelic in a Gabriellish-manish sort of way!

    Olivia, aren’t you lucky to such a helpful little brother!

  4. We continue to pray for Rudy at Crosspoint Community Church (Santa Maria)Wed night intersession.
    \o/\o/\o/Cindy Gough

  5. yes, Rudy’s coloring looks good……..sometimes when we see BLue Lips, we are concerned, but do not panic, as we have seen lifeguards and camp couselors do…..our life…..others would say WHAT…..ha……Nick’s grandma

  6. I would buy tons of cookies from Rudy and Olivia! So far I haven’t given in to them. Yet . I know if I buy one box, it’s all down hill from there. However, if I were closer I would cave. Thinking and praying for your beautiful family every day. Blessings, Cindy

  7. Does that mean Rudy gets to come along on the troop’s trip to the snow? I wish …. really! The girls are really jazzed at the opportunity they have thanks to your efforts there at UCLA!

  8. I was checking up on Rudy tonight on the computer and the next thing I knew, Nate was beside me looking at Rudy. And then Ben and then Alexis and then Natalie was there too. And I realized we were all together checking up on Rudy. We prayed tonight that Rudy would be home soon so you can all be together too. We love you all.

  9. Way to go Rudy and Olivia!!! Rudy is looking cute as ever and my prayers continue for all the Geylings!!!

    Oh man, had I known, I would have bought my GS Cookies from Oliva via UCLA!!! Good Job Olivia!

    Love always,

  10. You go Rudy – if I were in California, I would buy lots from him too.
    Prayers continue every day. Our baby Rebecca is doing good, still in hospital since her birth 10/19, she weighed 1lb 5oz and now weighs 8.
    We are grateful – so the R&R prayers continue. Blessings Janet Schafer, Chesapeake, Va

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