February 10, 2009

Good Morning Dear Ones,

It’s about 9:50am and the OR just called to confirm details for Rudy’s transport downstairs.  RT Oscar is doing one last IPV treatment before they take him for the tracheostomy.  As Rolf mentioned in his post last night, we know in our heads this is a positive step but our hearts are heavy.  I got a little overwhelmed last night as I googled the subject and found sites like “Guide to home care for a child with a tracheostomy”.  Not a place we wanted to find ourselves or Rudy but we trust God’s fingerprints will be all over this little detour as well.  Dr. Nina Shapiro will perform the surgery and comes highly recommended.   Dr. Rick told us yesterday that he’d want her operating on his kids and he wants her for Rudy…period!  I’m thankful for her expertise and Dr. Rick’s confidence in her.   So, here we go…the transport team just arrived and we’ll be heading down shortly.  I’ll post an update when he is safely in the OR!  Thanks everybody…

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