There are ALOT of Babies at Disneyland!

Not that I need anything visible to keep Rudy in the forefront of my mind but if I did, Disneyland would be the place to be!  Rolf and I were amazed yesterday at how many infants were being toted around the park in the middle of a rain storm…not a statement of judgement but an observation that filled our day with mixed emotions.  One minute we were scurrying around the park hand in hand with the older kids enjoying their sqeals and outbursts of “This is awesome!” and the next minute deeply distracted by our thoughts of and concerns for Rudy.  As surreal as the day was for me and Rolf, it was so great for Wilson, Max and Olivia and good for us to be together doing something special.  This morning the kids woke up talking about what fun they had and what their favorite experiences were.  They sure deserved the day and we pray the memories of it will encourage them in the weeks ahead as we continue on Rudy’s road to recovery.

A "meet and greet" with Minnie
A "meet and greet" with Minnie



A visit with Mickey
A visit with Mickey









It seems our preoccupation and concerns were warranted in particular as we got a call at 3:45am this morning informing us that Rudy was going to be intubated again.  We knew that his chest xrays were looking progressively worse in the last couple of days, but it was clear last night that his right lung was collapsing, his breathing labored and his sats dropped to the point he needed to be put back on the vent.  Dr. Andy called us when he was done and said Rudy was already stabilizing.  Rolf and I aren’t surprised but it is a discouragement…Rudy sure has had an eventful few days in our absence which makes it even more challenging to be away.  I’m looking forward to resuming my post at the hospital later today and will stay with him until Friday.

12 thoughts on “There are ALOT of Babies at Disneyland!

  1. Oh, how happy I am for you all that you got to spend the day at Disney-
    land!!! Just perfect–just what the doctor ordered?!! God is so good to give
    you all a special day like that together. Blessings on you—Ann,Curt & Luci

  2. Glad you all had a great disney day. We will keep praying for Rudy and hope he is back off the vent again soon.
    Hugs and kisses…

  3. Thanks for the update….been wondering how things were going. Glad that you all got to spend some time together having fun…Disneyland is definitely a good place for that (Did you ride our family favorite – Peter Pan’s Adventure??)

    Like you, Rudy is never far from my thoughts. Dissappointed that the vent is back in the room and wondering where this is all going. Hopefully the doctors can use the information they gather each time to figure out what intervention can be done to get Rudy over the hump. I’ll pray to that end!

    Love you!

  4. How fun for you all….I’m glad you had a happyily-somewhat-distracted day…..but still thinking about our little heartthrob….so sad he had to be intubated again!

    Keep fighting Rudy!! We love you!

    The Vans

  5. So glad that you all were able to get away and have some fun with your beautiful family. I’m sure it was needed by all. Rudy will have his time at Disneyland with you all some day, just like Rolf will have his elevator ride too. Always in our prayers…Love, Cousin Dianna

  6. I know how much you guys were looking forward to Disney. Glad it was a success. Rudy is in good hands from what I saw. It was great to see all of you and get to meet the little fighter!

  7. So glad you all could spend some magical Disney moments together! I’m so sorry Rudy had to go back to that darn vent. We will be praying for strong clear lungs in the days to come!

  8. Our dear yo-yo experts: Our hearts cry that your sweet family has had this unbelievable stress as reports on Rudy’s condition bring steps forward and steps backward and continue to tug at all of you. As you swing from hope to despair and back to hope, we pray that the health of ALL of you will be protected. We love you all so much and pray for a full measure of peace, patience and strength to help each of you persevere.

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