The Celebrations Continue…

The Call to Celebrate
The Call to Celebrate
The Morning Shift Change
The Morning Shift Change
Can I have some of that?
Can I have some of that?
Nurse Betty was so excited to see Rudy extubated that she  ran out to Ralphs and got some more sparkling cider for a repeat toast during the morning shift change!  If nothing else, this boy is loved! 
Rudy had a decent night but I think the jury is still out this morning.  Rudy is working a little harder and his morning xray looks “muddy” on the right side.  Although no one is running to get the vent, quiet, careful attention is being paid to Rudy.  He’s getting a RT treatment right now and they may need to get another xray so I’ll keep you posted as the day progresses.  Please pray that his oxygen sats will stabilize and remain high, that his breathing will calm and his tummy will stop retracting so hard. 
My shower is “out of order” today so I’m on the hunt for another shower on a different floor…the picture of me wandering around in my flannel pajamas, with my pink tub of toiletries is one I’m glad isn’t captured on “Rudy’s Beat”!

26 thoughts on “The Celebrations Continue…

  1. Maybe if there wasn’t so much partying going on in his room Rudy could get a little rest! 🙂 Come on, Rudy, keep breathing on your own!

    Lord, we pray for clear lungs and restful breathing!

  2. Rudy, I am praying for you! News of your breathing on your own made my whole day! Your room sure looked fun! Lots of love, Rudy, I am so proud of you; keep fighting!

  3. Oh my goodness! Are you ever the popular guy!!!

    We all love you Rudy! Keep fighting!!….and if that dumm ol’ tube has to go back for a little while (and we pray it doesn’t) you’ve made super-duper progress!!!!! We’re partying with ya!

    love ya!

  4. What wonderful news to hear!!! Many prayers said over this and I hope the transition goes well. Prayers continued for you all.

  5. God works in mysterious ways. You don’t know me and I’m not sure how I came across Rudy’s story. What a journey it has been for Rudy and your family. I wish you all the best.

    As a fellow parent of a child in the NICU for all of his 58 days so far, your courage and his strength are evident. Keep fighting!

    My son Jackson was also extubated yesterday. I draw strength from relating to your story and again wish you all the best.

  6. So much change!! I thought I was done crying, but no. This is beautiful and the videos are so wonderful to watch, to hear all the sounds and you talking to him. I will be praying hard today for that precious soul! Hugs to you Trish, Jannele


    We’re teary eyed seeing Rudy breathe on his own–great videos Trish! Now we pray he will calm down a bit, and that he will continue to make progress in the breathing-on-his-own. YOU CAN DO IT, RUDY! Hang in there little Champ! The whole world is celebrating with you!

  8. Trish and Rolf, following the arrival of the UWP Newsletter, I have just caught up with your journey with Rudy so far and am amazed and inspired by your courage and grace. I have shown our boys some video of Rudy and we have added him to our evening prayers. It seems like we have arrived in time for the celebrations! We hope things comtinue well for you all.

  9. My husband & I went to high school with Uncle Alex, and we have been keeping up with his progress and praying for him from Austin!

  10. Hope and pray the day went well….Looking forward to more pictures of Rudy and those little lips!

    Prayers from CT

  11. We pray per your request that his oxygen sats will stabilize and remain high, that his breathing will calm and his tummy will stop retracting so hard. Keep going Rudy! You can do it in the name of Jesus.

  12. We love you baby Rudy! We hope that you are OK breathing! We’re so excited for you. utyutttthb nlckd879p0=[[en n bnxsnsjjkfjnnjfndjsksjknkemdkju8jj msmk,lm,, mn gjh,mis99n m m ,l ,,

  13. What a sweet little mouth he has! I bet you have kissed those lips a million times today! We are cheering for you!! Rudy can DO this!!

  14. Oh Trish and Rolf…I’m soooooo exited and proud of your little Rudy! Huge prayers from us up here that your sweet little boy calms and finds his way with this new way of breathing! Trish..I hope you found a spa like shower! God Speed Rudy!

  15. What an awesome step for little Rudy. Anesthesia cheers from far away. Breath easy little buddy.

    Katie’s Nana

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