Safe and Sound

Rudy is back.  Once again, he was a real trooper and, I think,  is glad to be back in his room safe and sound (I wonder how many guardian angels have been deployed for Rudy over the past 11 weeks?).  Nurses Sara and Cheryl have been getting him settled back in with a fresh diaper (they always bring him back from OR diaperless) and fresh blankets so he is looking cozy warm now.  Dr. Brian said all went as he expected.  He looked for any obvious leakage and couldn’t pinpoint anything specific so he conducted the pleurodesis on the right side.  It appeared that there was some drainage coming from the left side out the right chest tube which means that once the right pleural cavity is closed off, fluid could start to collect on the left side requiring a pleurodesis procedure on the left side as well but we’ll have to wait and see.  “Why not do both sides at once” you ask?  Well, I understand that you wouldn’t ever do both sides simultaneously in case there are complications – you’d need the support of the other lung.  So, we’ll relax and see what transpires the next couple of days.  Rudy is doing well right now…stable and sleeping.  Thank you, dear ones, for your prayers for him today!

On return from OR
On return from OR


Ah...much better!
Ah...much better!

8 thoughts on “Safe and Sound

  1. We love you little One and are glad all those angels were with you and are still there , now that you are safely in your room with Mami at your side.
    Kisses and prayers Oma + Opa

  2. He looks so peaceful with his little hat and blanket on. Love you and will miss you and your beautiful voice at the Bethel House Christmas Party today. Love and blessings, Kelly

  3. We were whispering our praises to God as if we were next to his bed. Our relief is accompanied by more prayers for an effective pleurodesis.

  4. Kisses and hugs as always, still praying for you & the whole family. Hope this procedure did the trick and makes a big improvement.

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