12-10-08 Happy 10-week Birthday!

Well, it’s just about time for the morning shift change.  Nurse Marilyn is finishing up Rudy’s sponge bath and morning meds.  I’m packing my bags and getting ready to head home to Santa Barbara.  As always, it’s hard to tear myself away…it’s never easy to leave him just as it’s hard to leave the other children at the end of our weekends together.  So I leave praying that Rudy has another calm day in my absence and continues to gain strength.  I’m encouraged by the fact that he is tolerating the formula feeds to his stomach and digesting most of it!  Go, Rudy, Go!! 

Before I sign off for this visit I wanted to wish Rudy a Happy Birthday!  10 weeks today!!!  My, oh, my with each passing week it continues to be unbelievable to me where this journey is taking us.  How thankful I am for this precious boy!  Stay safe, little one, Mommy and Daddy will be back on Friday!

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