It’s another Monday…

…but I’m starting out this Monday more encouraged than last.  You might recall my concern (or maybe just my weariness) last week at the weekly staff changes that seem to bring with them changes in Rudy’s care plan that leave us feeling like we’re in the middle of a ping pong match.  Well, maybe the changes aren’t THAT “back and forth” but even the subtle changes from week to week can get confusing after a while.  Anyway, I came back from breakfast to find Dr. Rick in charge this week and, although all of Rudy’s doctors are great and I shouldn’t have favorites, Dr. Rick is one of my favorites.  (I can post that because I don’t think he reads the blog! Ha)  Simply put, he is comforting to have around…I don’t know what it is about him but he is always so calm and measured, never in a rush, always stops in and conducts a physical exam on Rudy himself…so tender with him and, most of all, seems to appreciate our ever-growing menagerie of artwork and knick-knacks always taking the time to look around…next time he drops in I have to remember to show him the dancing Christmas tree!

Another Hero - Dr. Rick
Another Hero - Dr. Rick

I also got a chance to talk with our surgeon, Dr. Brian, and the cath-man, Dr. Dan, (also favorites) so I feel like I’ve had face-to-face updates from the men in charge and that is always reassuring.  So, where do we stand now?  Not a whole lot has changed in Rudy’s condition but when I got back to him last night after the long weekend, he seemed better to me…his color was good and he wasn’t as fussy.  He has battled a fever off and on all weekend so he has been on antibiotics, his fluid output is slowly decreasing but not yet enough,  his nutrition numbers are climbing so that, too, is slowly inching to where it needs to be.  All the indicators TO ME say we’re moving everso slowly forward and it is still a matter of time.  But as Dr. Rick put it this morning, “there’s no known reason why he shouldn’t be thriving and off the ventilator now”.  That said, Dr. Brian and Dr. Dan feel strongly that a heart catheter is the next step and they have scheduled that procedure for tomorrow (Tuesday).  The information they can get from the catheter is something they will need in preparation for Rudy’s second open heart surgery in about 4 months (called the Glenn) and doing it now might shed some light on why he’s not progressing.  Dr. Dan will conduct the procedure and he just finished drawing me a very nice picture of what he’s going to do on my whiteboard!  Although Rudy’s heart function looks great on all the echos (ultrasounds of the heart), there could be something they are missing.  I’m feeling okay with it especially since this is a procedure he’ll need in a couple of months anyway but I wish he didn’t have to make another trip downstairs as that trip is always so labor intensive.  I trust that the docs are covering all the bases in their search for just the right balance of everything but I can’t help but think over and over that God knows exactly where the hold-up lies in terms of Rudy’s progress and I’m praying fervently that God will intervene by giving Rudy’s system a gentle kick in the pants to jump start whatever needs to get movin’.  How do you like my technical analysis and action step?  I’m off to lunch but will update later if I get more detailed information on the plan or it somehow changes!

P.S. It’s December 1st…Happy Birthday Grandma Jo!!!

15 thoughts on “It’s another Monday…

  1. Thanks for the update Trish. You sound relaxed and ready to face a new week. I would bet that the time at home did the whole family good. I will remember Rudy ‘s procedure in prayer tomorrow.

  2. Continuued prayers and thoughts of you ALWAYS. Will think of you little Rudy tomorrow especially as he undergoes another test-knowing it will help for his progress.

  3. Good luck to all of you tomorrow- we’ll be anxiously awaiting the news. By the way, we love the picture of Rudy we received today- it’s already on the fridge! Thanks.

  4. You really did ‘t have to announce my birthday to the blog world. Thanks for not including which birthday! Good to talk with you today and know the latest news. We will be praying for a good procedure tomorrow. Sorry you have to have another one, Rudy. We love you and will be bringing on the prayer team tomorrow.

  5. I am praying for Rudy’s heart cath tomorrow, for Rolf’s back, for Will, Max, Livie, and for you (Trish) as you as you persevere with much patience in all this! Take care my friend.

  6. FATHER,
    We are with mom on this one…Rudy needs your hand/”jump start”, now! in JESUS’name.

  7. Happy Birthday Grandma Jo!We have been praying for you too.Trish…We will be praying today and missing you,as always.

  8. “God, Rudy home fast!” Benjamin’s prayer last night for Rudy! We pray that your rest and time at home will carry you through the week too!. Prayers for the procedure…that all the info you need is super clear to see.

  9. Still praying for you all, especially Rudy.
    Hugs and kisses from our whole family.
    Even the kids are saying special prayers for Rudy each night.
    Bonnie & family

    PS: You should have received the UPS I sent. They show declivered 11/25/08. If you did not let me know so I can track it for you. 🙂

  10. Pray that all goes well today for your precious Rudy. Calvary Chapel has little Rudy on their prayer chain now thanks to my sister-in-law. You met her in Nashville. Also cousin Michele’s church in Moutain View, CA has him on their prayer chain as well. Nothing like faithful prayer warriors on their knees all over the United States for ya’ll. Hugs and Kisses to you. XOXO. Love, Dianna

    P.S. Happy belated Birthday to you Joan! Love ya Cuz!

  11. Praying that all went well today and that whatever needs to get kick-started got kicked! I admire your perseverance and grace in the midst of the daily grind!

    Love you, Sis! Foot hugs to Rudy and big boy and big girl hugs to Rolf, Wilson, Max and Olivia!!

  12. I’m dying to know how our little guy is after the procedure…we are praying! Trish you sound great and rested a little(?)… Remember, Diet Coke is not a hydrating liquid.

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