A Mother’s Love

The picture of “a mother’s love” was painted for me many times over this weekend…as I reflected on my monther-in-law’s willingness to take care of my home and children for 6+ weeks, in my mother’s efforts to fly all the way out from Kansas for a mere 48 hours in order to get back before my dad begins his radiation treatments this week, and in the grace with which the Mannings let their little Katie go – peacefully in Vickie’s arms.  All emotionally moving in their own way and all very vivid reminders that what Rudy is embroiled in is serious requiring great sacrifice and vulnerability.  Even now as I sit and watch him labor through an attempt at a 3 hour sprint off the ventilator, I’m struck by the obvious – he is in a fight for his life.  Not to minimize the progress he has made so far, but because my son can’t breathe on his own beyond a 3 hour exercise, it is hard, sometimes, to imagine an existence for Rudy beyond what he has known so far. 

I’ve come to realize that one of my greatest desires, as a mother, is for my kids to be known…to be understood and appreciated for their unique gifts and talents…nothing blesses me more than when others take the time to invest in my kids whether it is their teachers, church leaders, close friends or family…it means so much to me.  The desire for Rudy to be known (even in the isolation of an ICU) is just as strong as with my other kids which is why I’m so grateful for the medical team that genuinely cares for him in so many ways I never could, for the visitors who have witnessed in person how truly soulful the look in his eyes is and for the blog that has allowed us to share Rudy with so many in far away places! 

Thank you for your faithful investment in our family through your constant love, prayers and support during this time.  Sacrifices that are not lost on us!

Oma and Grandma Jo
Oma and Grandma Jo
Trio of Moms
Trio of Moms
"Guess what!  Gma loves you"

9 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. How very beautifully written about a mothers love. My son is 6 years old with no health issues and I can honestly say there is something about a mothers love for their child. Your pictures are beautiful and the thoughts are just the same. Big Kiss to Rudy . liz

  2. I am so glad your mom was able to come out to see Rudy. What a special time you all must have had together..All the pictures are beautiful! Love, Tatum and Daniel

  3. It was so nice the way you honored your mother and mother-in-law along with your own motherhood. I am so glad to see that my friend, Helga (Oma), looks fit and energetic. I shall include her and all the caregivers in Rudy’s cause in my prayers today.

  4. Rudy looks so alert in that last picture! I feel I do know him. How wonderful to have both grandmothers visiting at the same time. Rudy has a great team of talented medical people and loving family members pulling for him.

  5. I’m a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in Iowa and have been following Rudy’s progress and praying for you. Our daughter worked with Rolf at Fuller and we met him briefly once when visiting her there. We have a patient who has a nearly 4 year old who was born with HLHD. He is a delightful, energetic little boy-you would never know he had heart issues at birth when you see him in his crazy sun glasses carrying his McDonalds bag, keeping his parents on their toes! He was born at Loma Linda in the LA area. If you would like, I would try to arrange a way for you to be in contact with them.

  6. So very glad that Mom was able to spend a little time with you all and to be able to meet Rudy in person (of course, we all feel like we know the little guy from this great blog!) Dad and I had a great weekend, even though we mostly slept and watched football — with a big emphasis on sleeping!!

    Hope Rudy is rested up from his sprints and ready to go at it some more!

    Love you guys!!

  7. I love the picture on the front of Rudy’s beat, because I feel like we are looking into his eyes also. What must he be thinking? Thank you Lord for those precious eyes.

  8. Trish and Rolf,
    I’ve just read all your blogs and shared them with Shawn. Wow. I’m not sure what words to share. I feel like Santa Ynez is Mars, as I had no idea all this was happening in your life. Prayers for love, hope, comfort, laughtter and God’s grace are being sent as I type. Hugs to Max, Wilson and Livy! We love you! Krista, Shawn and Benjamin

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