Nov. 5: 5 weeks old today

Five weeks ago today our little Rudy was born.  That means we’ve had five weeks of foot holding, hand grabbing and head rubbing on Rudy, five weeks of the yummy soup down in the cafeteria, five weeks of walking to and from the hotel every morning and late night, five weeks of listening to the beeps and alarms of monitors and medication dispensers hooked up to our son, five weeks of hearing a recap of the kids’ day by phone right before bed every night, five weeks of searching Rudy’s big blue eyes, five weeks of (almost) daily blog posts,etc, etc, the list goes on.  Not knowing, really, what to expect when we started this journey, a five week timeline is about what we originally planned around.  Well, five weeks have come and gone and now it’s time to regroup, adjust expectations, and focus on a “plan B” for the next unknown block of time. 

I am where I was 5 weeks ago…unsure of what the next several weeks will bring and VERY unsure of how to plan for the unknown.  In Rudy’s world, you take life one hour at a time and yet I have a family at home that has needs that go beyond the next hour and I’m finding it hard to function in both worlds.  All this to say, it’s time to look ahead to some degree and it’s a little overwhelming.

Rudy had an uneventful 5-week birthday.  Today’s focus, once again, was fluid output AND it has remained about the same-no change on average since yesterday.   In regards to the procedure scheduled for tomorrow, there were no clear indicators whether or not to do it which led Brian (Dr. Reemtsen) to hold off and postpone until Monday giving Rudy a few more days to prove himself unworthy of another trip to the OR!!!  Because we would prefer Rudy not undergo another surgical procedure if at all possible, we’re at peace waiting a few more days.  Please continue to pray that the fluid draining from around his lungs WILL stop (making the surgery CLEARLY unnecessary).  Thank you, thank you!

10 thoughts on “Nov. 5: 5 weeks old today

  1. OH Trish, dear sweet sister. My heart aches for you. When you put it all in the terms of 5 weeks, it makes your reality a little clearer- though I will never fully understand. I know my God does, and I know HE knows exactly what you need to keep tredging forward physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He will provide . . .

    Thanking God though for postponing surgery and giving and giving Him a few mroe days to work and clear that fluid! Praying very specifcally for that here. We love you guys and are thinking of you often and praying every single time. Sending you a virtual hug!

  2. He gives strength to the weary! We continue to hold you in prayer, that you will feel His strength and feel His love in real tangible ways!
    We continue to pray for Rudy.
    Love you Trish!

  3. You have my prayers and I will ask many to pray for Rudy tomorrow at Mass. I am a friend of Helga’s. I will also pray for blessings and strength for all of your family at this time. Tell Helga we are rooting (and praying) for her also!

  4. Trish, I cannot give words to the ache for you that I feel but I know the One who knitted this wonderful little person together for you can and that His voice will bring you comfort, solace and peace right now. I pray that His mighty strength, the cool, refreshing breath of His Spirit will carry you, guide your thoughts and give you rest. I also ask that in His infinite mercy and wisdom He give direction to you and Rolf and the team involved.
    Father, You who hold this sweet little one so dear, are the Master Planner, I ask that You please give clarity and guidance to Trish and Rolf in their planning.
    Love and peace to you. rexann

  5. Dear little Rudy, Trish and Rolf, Wilson, Maxie, Livy Jo, Franz and Helga,

    I have a window of opportunity (though way too short) to be with you tomorrow. Kim’s daughter (Charlotte) is meeting my plane at LAX and driving me to UCLA. I just can’t wait any longer and Grandpa Dick insists I make the trip. Arrangements are made here for Steve to stay with him over the weekend and I will fly home Monday night.

    Hang in there, little Rudy–another Grandmother touch is coming your way. Can’t wait to meet you. You know what? I love you!

  6. I read about Rudy on Pat’s blog. Know that he is being prayed for here. I have a new grandson and it tears my heart to know the pain you are in. May God do miracles in his life!

  7. Dear Rolf, Trish and Family,

    Thank you for all the updates and pictures. You know, in reading this latest blog, we should ALL take life one hour at a time!! Heck, I am learning to take things just one step at a time! It really is all we can do and handle. Just cast your cares upon him (I know you have), and know that there are so many who love and pray for you and this journey you are going through. LORD, make Rudy unworthy of another OR trip!!! Amen!


  8. I start every day looking for news about Rudy and saying a prayer that he will make progress so that your family can all be together. What a journey you are on! Know that we are all hoping and praying for you all.

    xo, Kathy

  9. Our grandson will be undergoing heart sujrgery with Dr. Brian next week and we are so very encouraged by your writings. We will channel prayers of healing to Rudy and Dr. Brian and your family. God bless you all.

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